Canadian National Field Target Championship 2005

August 21, 2005 Dean

Canadian National Field Target Championship

August 20th & 21st, 2005

 Can Nat 2005 044


Match Report

The build-up to our national event was very busy and exciting this year.  In the last month, more and more competitors were contacting me and saying they were intending to make the trip for our match.  Out of a possible twenty-six who showed interest, twenty-three actually took part.  I was extremely pleased with the turnout. 

                On Saturday the rain threatened and could be heard on the leaves at times, but very few drops made it through the forest canopy.  Sunny skies and low humidity blessed us on Sunday and a brisk wind added interest.  Compared to Friday’s torrential rain and some possible weather for Saturday, we enjoyed great weather for field target shooting.

                On Saturday morning we sighted in on the 100 yard range, with its tricky, swirling winds, and then headed for the shooters meeting.  I felt it necessary to clarify our lack of rules, so no one handicapped themselves needlessly.  We double checked the squads and lane assignments, then headed out to knock down targets.

                The skies were overcast and there was very little wind on Saturday, which made the biggest problem just holding still and making the shot.  Hans Apelles and Dennis Verhagen were certainly able to do both of those things and cleaned the course.  Eight other shooters were able to record scores between 50 and 55, including Ray Apelles and George Harde shooting their springers.  It seemed to set up a Sunday showdown between Hans and Dennis in the PCP division and for George and Ray in the piston division.  You never can be sure though.  I was betting on Laura to take the top female and Josh Jackson jumped out to a lead over Zach Harde in the junior division. 

                When all the shooting was done, we walked into the clubhouse to find all the food laid out on the tables, candles on the tables we were to eat on and not a fly in sight.  Lisa Harde, Lily Irvine, Mrs. Riginato and Virginia Hamilton set the food out, set up the tables and even acted as exterminators.  I was so happy and relieved at this sight that thank you just seemed inadequate, but it didn’t stop me from saying it many times.  Thank you ladies; there, I said it again.  We enjoyed some good food and great company and topped it off by singing happy birthday to James Jackson and finishing the meal with some birthday cake. 

                After supper we headed down to the 100 yard range for a fun match.  It consisted of six shots at varying targets.  The first shot was at one of Rick Broughten’s bells placed at 50 yards.  Shots two through five were at a multi-target placed at 55 yards.  There were four holes that progressed from 1.75” on the left to a .75” hole on the right.  The sixth shot was on a field target with a 2.25” hole, placed at 75 yards.  Hans Apelles scored a five out of six early in the match and it looked like it was going to hold up.  Dennis Verhagen shot closer to the end of the match and scored a perfect six to win the match.  He was presented with a field target that was made by Hans Bormann.  That ended the match part of the day and after shooting the breeze for a while, people headed off to rest up for day two.

                We started an hour earlier on Sunday (10:00 AM) to allow travel time at the end.  The skies were clear and the temperature was comfortable, but the wind did spice things up.  For most of the course it was coming from behind us, but once we started to turn the corner towards the last few lanes, the wind indicators were horizontal.  The vast majority of shooters, shot better on Sunday.  Of course for a couple of shooters improvement was impossible.  Dennis Verhagen dropped one during the match and Hans missed the very last shot of the match to necessitate a shoot off for first.  Dennis Eden and Joe McDaniel shot identical scores on both days and had to shoot off for fourth and fifth.  I slipped in for third after dropping only one on Sunday.

                In the springer class, Ray stayed consistent, shooting 51/60 both days and edged George Harde out for first place by one shot.  James Sumpter was close behind for third after having a great day on Sunday.  James Jackson was solidly in fourth and his fifteen year old son, Josh Jackson, took fifth place and also the top junior award.  Zach Harde had a great score on Sunday, but could not close the gap on Josh, because he had the same great score.

            Les Grable was also very consistent over both days and won the top senior award with 103/120.  Laura Apelles may have been the only female shooter vying for the top female award, but she definitely shot well and certainly would have been tough to beat.  She also managed to place fifteenth overall in a field of twenty-three competitors.  Great shooting Laura!

                Dennis and Joe started the shoot off by both missing the first target, then they both hit the first target.  Joe scored a hit on the second target and Dennis missed it.  So Joe was awarded fourth place and Dennis fifth.  In the other shoot off, Hans calmly knocked the first target down and Dennis Verhagen rimmed it.  Hans was awarded first and Dennis second.  We then headed up to the clubhouse for the draw and presentation of the awards.

                For the draw, we were able to get through all the names twice, so everyone got at least two items to take home.  Hans Apelles and Ray Apelles, through the luck of the draw, were able to get miniature replicas of a PCP gun and a TX200, all made of brass and wood by Hans Bormann.  The class awards were then presented and it was all over.  We talked for some time afterward and then some headed out for supper and some headed for home.

                Hans Bormann, Noel Sedman, Bert Habicher, Mike Ferrara, Don Irvine, George Harde, Dennis Eden and myself all set up and tore down lanes for this match in a real team effort.  Thanks to all of you for the help.

                When the match was over and targets all put away we sat around and talked a while.  I felt very satisfied that we had put on a good match and the competitors had conducted themselves in a way they should be proud of.  Even on the drive home and still now that feeling continues.  I couldn’t ask for better and certainly am looking forward to next year’s Nationals and making even more friends.

By Tim MacSweyn 


Results Chart

Rank Name Rifle Scope Pellet Red







  PCP Class            
1 Hans apelles* NJR100 Bushnell 8-32 CPH 60 59 119*
2 Dennis Verhagen* USFT NS 10-50 CPH 60 59 119*
3 Tim MacSweyn Ld/SS Deben 10-50 CPH 55 59 114
4 Joe McDaniel* Steyr LG100ZM Leup. Comp. 35 JSB H 53 58 111*
5 Dennis Eden* Ld/SS Deben 10-50 CPH 53 58 111*
6 Don Irvine Steyr LG100FT Deben 10-50 Baracuda M 52 56 108
7 Les Grable Walther Dominator Bushnell 8-32 CPH 51 52 103**
7 Phil Herman USFT Hacko 8-32 CPH 51 52 103**
9 Bert Habicher AAs300 Simmons 6.5-20 Baracuda 48 50 98
10 Joe Dennis Falcon 19W Tasco 10-40 CPH 47 50 97**
10 George Hamilton Pro Target / CR97 NF 36 / Burris CPH 44 53 97**
12 Laura Apelles Daystate Mirage Bushnell 8-32 JSB 8.4 45 45 90
13 Mike Ferrara NJR100 Leupold 18-40 Baracuda 39 46 85
14 Danny Reginato AAs300 Bushnell 8-32 Air Arms 37 38 75
15 Hans Bormann HW100 Leupold 18-40 Baracuda 32 41 73
16 Noel Sedman AAs300 Bushnell 4X CPL 18 Ab DNF
  Piston Class            
1 Ray Apelles TX200SR Nightforce 36FT JSB 8.4 51 51 102
2 George Harde JW60 Hawke8.5-34 Baracuda 52 49 101
3 James Sumpter TX200SR BSA 10-50 JSB 8.4 45 50 95
4 James Jackson HW97K Hawke 8.5-34 JSB 8.4 41 37 78
5 Josh Jackson+ HW97 Hawke Varmint2 JSB 8.4 27 35 62
6 Will Kwan TX200HC Burris 8-32 CPL 32 28 60
7 Zach Harde+ HW97 Hawke 6.5-26 FTS 19 35 54

*Settled by shoot-off     **Left as a tie    + Junior shooter    American shooter’s names in italics