Port Colborne Field Target Club Results for June 11, 2011

June 11, 2011 Dean

Port Colborne Field Target Club Results for June 11, 2011

Port Colborne Field Target Club

Results for June 11, 2011

We are starting to feel quite fortunate when it comes to the actual weather in comparison to what the forecast predicts. The forecast for the last two matches has been for a high percent chance of thunderstorms and wind and the actual weather has been fairly close to ideal for matches held in the spring. I hope our luck continues to hold.

A good size group of 21 shooters showed up for this match, with the hunter division drawing the largest number as eight competitors vied for the four medals. Slav shot in his first FT match and managed a very good score using iron sights. Tom J. once again captured the top position, but Marshall was very close behind for second. Bill and Dan tied for third and required a shoot-off to decide between them. In the fourth round in the shoot-off, Bill managed to take the target down, claiming third and Dan was awarded the fourth place medal. Chris H. was not for behind and Greg S. and Tony were just a shot or so back as well. It was good to have Greg back shooting FT after being away from the sport since 2000.

The junior hunters performed very well and the competition was good as evidenced by their scores. Saul took top spot and Gillian, back for her first match of this season, was very close behind taking second. Braden switched guns part way through the match and still managed a very good score. This will be a good battle all season I am sure.

The Open PCP class featured four competitors with Dennis and Don battling for the top spot the whole day. Dennis managed to edge Don by two shots to take the top spot. Len came in third followed by Greg W who improved his score over last month’s, in spite of this being a slightly more difficult course.

In the WFTF piston class, Jeff and I had a great time shooting together and I have to say Jeff hit more rims than a rock drummer. I was pleased with hitting three quarters of the targets and took the medal for first.

In the WFTF PCP, there again was a tight race for the top spot. In the end, Tom P edged Chris N. by a couple of shots to claim first and Chris collected the second place medal. Joel shot very well again this match, as did Chris M. who was shooting in his very first match and in a tough class as well.

The match was all wrapped up by 3:30 in the afternoon, so many took advantage of the early finish to do some shooting on the sight-in range. After an hour or so of shooting our appetites were pushing us to put things away and head to the fish & chip spot in Town. Nine of us enjoyed the great food at Minor’s Fisheries and hung around shooting the breeze until about 7:00 PM before heading out.

A big thank you goes out to all who attended and a special thanks to all who set targets or chipped in and helped in any way. As more and more people volunteer to help at matches, the work that each individual has to do continues to decrease. This is very much appreciated.

The CAFTA Nationals is the next event and we will keep people posted on the status of the range as we work with the CFO to upgrade the range to be approved for full power FT. After our workday on June 18th, we hope to be able to have the range inspected and a temporary permit issued for the National event. Stay tuned.

Tim MacSweyn