Port Colborne Field Target Club Results for August 13, 2011

August 13, 2011 Dean

Port Colborne Field Target Club Results for August 13, 2011

Port Colborne Field Target Club

Results for August 13, 2011

Once again, Mother Nature smiled on us, giving us a great day for FT. The temperature reached the low eighties and a light breeze, keeping us comfortable, also provided for some challenge as to how much to hold off, if at all. We shot 60 shots on 15 lanes, with two targets per lane. The Troyer factor came out to 32.7 and the spread was from 20 up to 48, so not too many you could just take for grant it. The field consisted of 22 shooters and 14 of those were Hunters. It was really great to have five juniors competing and all shooting so well.

I was pleased to see Luc show up to shoot in the junior hunter class, but the competition might not have been that thrilled. Luc shot an amazing score after missing most matches last season and was the top junior. Only eight points separated the rest of the junior field, with Braden taking second, followed closely by Gillian who placed third. Tom D. was only one point back, followed closely by his brother, Andrew. It was great to have Andrew and Tom with us for two matches this year and we look forward to seeing them at matches in the future.

Similar to junior hunter, Tom J. had a great day and placed first by a fair margin. The next few scores were bunched up, with Mike, who has shown steady improvement, taking second and Greg and Marshall tied for third, forcing a shoot-off for the third place medal. After matching each other hit for hit and miss for miss for a number of rounds, Greg finally emerged as the winner of the shoot-off, giving him third and Marshall fourth place. Close behind at fifth was Daryll, shooting with us for the first time and certainly making a great showing. Chris H has continued to shoot well and it was nice to see Chris M again, who also had a good match. Tony and Slav are trying to get their spring guns set up and I am sure you will see these scores jump considerably at the next match.

Open PCP certainly featured some fine shooting and Don pretty well continued where he left off at the nationals. Don only dropped one shot to place first in his class and Len was not far behind, only dropping three shots and placing second. Magdy narrowly edged out Dennis for third place.

WFTF Piston featured two shooters who shared the same gun. Tom P’s gun was acting up during the sight-in so Ted offered to share his gun. They were close the whole day and had the exact number of missed shots until the very last shot of the match. Tom missed his last shot, leaving Ted as the winner by one point. It must have been a fun day for both of them.

Chris N and I made up the WFTF PCP class and at the end of the match were tied for the top spot. The first round of the shoot-off solved nothing, so the targets were moved back and we tried again. With a variable breeze blowing on the sight-in range we both settled in for our shot. I broke my shot first, dropping the target and Chris, holding the right edge of the kill zone, hit exactly where he was aiming, on the edge, as the wind died momentarily and did not affect the shot. So I was fortunate to be able to claim first place in this one and Chris was second.

After the shoot-offs, awards were presented and a short discussion was held on rules and upcoming matches. We decided to have a Pistol FT match at the Port Club on Saturday, September 17th, which will follow the same time format as the rifle matches, but details about the length of the match will be announced once they are worked out.

Thanks to all who set up lanes and helped with the running of the match and thanks to all who attended. The next rifle match will be on Saturday, September 10th and I hope to see many of you there.

Tim MacSweyn