2015 Ontario Provincial Field Target Championship

September 24, 2015 Dean

2015 Ontario Provincial Field Target Championship


Post by bjp » Thu Sep 24, 2015 6:47 pm

Sorry for the late report, but as they say, better late than never !
The match was held on Sat Sept 19 at the EOSC property in Limoges, Ontario. We had five people out a couple of weeks prior to the match to clear lanes, prepare shooting positions and start course layout. The Friday before the match we also had five people out to set targets, lane markers and strings, etc. Two of those fine individuals (Ryan and Sylvain) had prior commitments that wouldn’t allow to shoot the match but they came out and helped anyways. Many thanks.
In an attempt to have a match with an international style flavour we set up 60 targets over 20 lanes with each target being shot only once per competitor. We ended up with a course that had a Troyer factor of 27 (but I suspect that had we had a wind gauge at the end it might have been higher). We had targets placed up in trees, downhill (a little bit anyways), in dappled light, across a little valley, and some with itty bitty hit zones. No one cleaned the course so the mixture seemed to provide a pretty good challenge.

We had 11 shooters out for the match, Dennis Eden made the trip from Port Colborne, Dean and his wife from the Toronto area (if I remember correctly) and we had John R and Vitaly from Montreal.
After a brief sight in period and shooters meeting we started the match around 10. We all shot 10 lanes then took a break for lunch. Dave’s wife was gracious enough to deliver us a few pizza’s that hit the spot !! We shot the remaining 10 lanes after lunch. The weather was perfect for a FT match, at least till about the last 4 lanes when a small rain squall moved in and wet everything down.
Based on everyone’s comments the match was well received and those that travelled seemed to agree it was worth the trip. I’m already preparing for next year ! The shooting was excellent with no one running away in any class and the final positions only being decided on the last lanes. Hopefully we can get a few WFTF springer shooters out next year.

Here’s the final scores;

Open – PCP
52 Dean
49 Dennis Eden
16 Matt

50 Brian Milne
48 Dave Bartlett
42 John Birch
32 John Bradley

Hunter – PCP out of 120
104 Nick Poll

Hunter – Piston out of 120
104 Vitaly
97 John R
66 Stacey Cherwonak (sub 500, in a kilt, no prone shots allowed !!!!)

Ottawa 31 Ottawa 30 Ottawa 29 Ottawa 28 Ottawa 27 Ottawa 26 Ottawa 25 Ottawa 24 Ottawa 23 Ottawa 21 Ottawa 20 Ottawa 19 Ottawa 18 Ottawa 17 Ottawa 13 Ottawa 16 Ottawa 03 Ottawa 02 Ottawa 12 Ottawa 01 Ottawa 15 Ottawa 14 Ottawa 11 Ottawa 10 Ottawa 09 Ottawa 08 Ottawa 07 Ottawa 06 Ottawa 05 Ottawa 04