Canadian 2020 FT Nationals

September 23, 2020 Jeff Hemming

Another year is in the books with the 2020 Canadian FT Nationals having successfully completed this past Sunday.  Covid definitely added some challenges to this right up until Saturday of the match!  After the push back in July, a reschedule in September and re-imposed lock down on the first day of competition the FT community prevailed!

First and foremost, thank you:

  • Grenville Fishing and Game Club (GFGC) for hosting the match and the continued support.  A special shout out to Lynn Holmes who has been a tireless supporter of FT at the club and made sure we had everything that we needed during the competition – thank you GFGC & Lynn!
  • Everyone that made it out to the match.  You came from near and far.  We’re all grateful for your efforts, patience and participation.
  • The unsung helpers – Blane L, Geoff M, John B, Richard O, Rich T and Rob G – you made things works and took amazing pictures.  Thank you!
  • The marshals – Joel G, John B, George H and Tim Mac.  You guys kept things moving on the line through an unprecedented number of cold lines on Day 1.  Thank you!
  • A shout out to everyone that purchased GFGC raffle ticket for the berms and firearm ban challenge.  We raised $250 towards the cause and, more importantly, showed the club our appreciation for all their support.
  • Arbor Memorial Services for the sanitizer, clip boards and signage.
  • Last and definitely not least, those who contributed to the prize table – Airgun Source, Canada Shooting Supply, Airgun Archer Fun, Airgun Target Systems, Splatter Pro Targets, Sniper Dan, Joel G, John B, Tim Mac, Pete E and Chris H

This year’s event was one of our most successful ever.  It started Friday afternoon with a Quigley match and a round of Gun Slinger fun.  If you don’t know what these are, you best plan on attending in 2021!  Hats off to Tim Mac for taking the Gun Slinger with his springer!

We continued on Saturday with a near perfect day.  It started out cool, with a light breeze and near cloudless sky.  We chronographed all the guns, wrapped the shooters meeting at 10:45 AM and were on the lanes about 11:00 AM.  Once we got into the course the light played with us, casting some fun shadows.  Then our friend Murphy showed up and played havoc with targets… we ran into a number of cold lines as targets decided to give up and stop working.  Though frustrating, as we had tested only a few weeks prior and again the day before, everyone stayed focused and had a great time.  25 shooters completed the course with the high score going to Joel G, a springer shooter, with 54 and a three-way tie at the top of the Hunter Piston board – Marc S, Bob W and Ryan L.  Great shooting everyone!

Sunday dawned clear, sunny and cold.  The intrepid campers Geoff Mac, James L, Jeff H, Tony L and Tim Mac shook off the frost to start another picture-perfect day.  Everyone else gathered by 9:00, chronographed their guns and were ready for the shooters meeting at 9:30 AM.  We got to the lanes by 10:00 AM and enjoyed an absolutely perfect day of shooting!  With much friendly banter and a keen race in Hunter Piston, we wrapped up about 2:00 PM.  Everyone met at the registration area where the results were tabulated and winners announced. 

Congrats to the 2020 champions:

  • Chris Holmes in Hunter PCP – 187/240
  • Ryan L in Hunter Piston – 204/240
  • Tom Peretti in WFTF PCP – 104 / 120
  • Joel Goodwin in WFTF Piston – 107 / 120

Special mention to our sole Open PCP shooter, Pete Elsby for keeping the class alive and to Joel Goodwin for match high score, with a piston rig!

After the awards we enjoyed a sumptuous prize table.  All the goodies were distributed by pulling names from a hat.  Made it a lot of fun and spread things out across all shooters.  Big shout out to everyone that contributed to the table.  Check out the chart below for who provided the generous prizes.

Great shooting everyone and look forward to seeing you all again very soon.

Grenville FT & 2020 Nationals Organizing Committee

Dave Cunningham

Jeff Hemming

John Birch

Tim MacSweyn

Match Results

 ClassTotalWhite Course / 120Yellow Course / 120PlaceRifleScopePellet
 Hunter PCP
1Chris Holmes18795921NP 500Hawke 4-16×44AA 10.3
2Richard T12879492MarauderHawke VantageJSB Heavy
 Hunter Piston / 120
1Ryan Landry2041041001Diana 56Sightron 10-50×60JSB 7.87
2Bob Wall195951002TX200AEON 4-16×50JSB Exact 8.44
3Marc Shelleau193931003TX200Hawke 6-24×50Crosman 7.9
4Jon Miller19293994TX200Hawke 3-12×44JSB Exact 8.44
5Tony Lau19299935HW97 KTBSA 4-14×44JSB RS 7.33
6Blane Larone18992976TX200HawkeJSB Exact 8.44
7Eric Clarke-Daws16680867HW97 KTOptics Marksmanx10FT Trophy 8.64
8Rob Gastle16484808FWB 124Hawke 6024JSB Exact 8.44
9Richard Oszpar9451439OptimusEagle Eye 4-16×44JSB Exact 8.44
10Reg Landry81483310AES 50TascoJSB Exact 8.44
11Jacbo Charlebois565611AES 50TascoJSB Exact 8.44
 Open PCP / 120
1Pete Elsby402020510 FACHawke 4-16×50Crosman 10.5
 WFTF PCP / 60
1Tom Peretti10452521LG100Leupold Comp 45XJSB RS 7.33
2Brian Wernham10149522FTP 900Sightron 10-50×60AA 8.44
3John Bradley9248443AR20FTHawke 10-50 x60JSB Exact 8.44
4Denis St Jean9143484S400FHawke 10-50×60JSB Exact 8.44
5John Birch8846425FTP 900Falcon x50JSB Exact 8.44
 WFTF Piston / 60
1Joel Goodwin10754531TX200Sightron 10-50×60AA 8.44
2Tim MacSweyn10152492TX200 HCLeupold Mk4 35XJSB Exact 8.44
3George Harde9645513TX200Sightron 10-50×60AA 7.9
4James Lui8741464TX200Hawke 10-50×60JSB 7.8
5Heather Blain7839395TX200Niko Gen1AA 8.44
6Jeff Hemming7734436TX200 HCSightron 10-50×60JSB Exact 8.44
7Geoff MacGregor19197TX200HawkeJSB Exact 8.44

PS for those that would like to send a personal thank you for the prise that your won in the raffle, here is a list of donations.

Prize ProviderContact / EmailPrizes
Airgun SourceTravis /  tarvis@airgunsource.comDonation: Beeman AR2078A CO2 .22 cal Target rifle Walther Terrus .177 cal Beeman QB 78 .22 cal JSB Exact 8.44 .177 – 4.51 mm x 5 tins
Prize: Beeman QB79 .22 cal Wklkins Pellet Pouch x 4 Diana Rabbit Field Target Pellet Trap x2 Hawk Vantage 4-12 x 44 AO Scope JSB Exact .177 call 8.44 – 4.53mm x 6 tins
Airgun ArcheryWes / Discovery scope x 2
Canada Shooting Supply Raman / support@canadashootingsupply.caDonation: WF600 underlever spring airguns x4
Airgun Target SystemsStephen Kenyon / High Power Ballastic panel target
Splatter Pro TargetsDuane Paulsen / Shoot’n See targets
Sniper Dan Donation: 5 tins of pellets
Pete Elsby Donation: Soft case for a pistol Daisy 957 BB rifle Airsoft pistol
John Birch Donation: Bum bag Knee Roll
Tim MacSweyn Donation: Remington pull up targets x5
Joel Goodwin Donation: Comma, 3D Printed