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August 28, 2022

Grenville Field Target Club, August 28, 2022 Results


RankName ClassTotalRifleScopePellet 
 WFTF PCP/60    
1Jacob Charlebois46Steyr LG110Sightron 10-50JSB 8.44 
2John Bradley45AR20FTHawke 10-50JSB 8.44 
3Denis StJean43AA S400FHawke 10-50H&N FTT 
4Tim MacSweynDNCSteyr LG100Leupold Comp 40XJSB 7.87 
 Open PCP/60    
1Richard Oszpar43Kral JumboDiscovery 4-24JSB 10.34 
 Hunter Division/120    
1Richard Tatisciore104ProSportHawke 4-16JSB 8.44 
2Blane Larone100TX200Hawke 4-16JSB 8.44 
3Andre N.(first match)81TX200Hawke 4-16JSB 8.44 
4Ryan Landry*65HW50Open SightsJSB 8.44 

            * Shot entire match standing

We had another perfect weather day with very light wind and the mosquitoes were greatly reduced due to spraying the shooting areas with garlic spray.  I say reduced because when I was out there before I sprayed, it was simply a cloud of the little vampires.

We had nine shooters in three classes, with four each in WFTF PCP and Hunter Piston.  Richard shot a good score of 43/60 in Open PCP, on a tough course.

The top two spots in the hunter division were well contested, with Richard edging out Blane by a few shots.  Andre, in his first official match, came third with a very respectable 81, followed by Ryan who shot the entire course standing, with a seven ft/lb gun, managing an impressive 65.

The guys in WFTF PCP were all bunched together, separated by three shots from first through third.  Jacob continues to improve and edged out John by one shot to claim first.  Denis was very close behind with a 43 to place third.

This match was shot on arguably the 10 hardest lanes at Grenville, making the scores even more impressive.  Thanks to the shooters for coming out and thanks to the GF&GC for providing us with a great facility and always supporting us.  The next Grenville match will be on September 11th, followed by the CAFTA Nationals on the following weekend, September 16th to the 18th, in Port Colborne.  Good luck to all the shooters at both matches.

Tim MacSweyn

July 28, 2022

Port Colborne Match Report July 23rd, 2022

By Rob Wright, Match Director

The forecast threatened thunderstorms and wind but the day turned out great. It was hot and it was humid, but the rain stayed away and the breeze was not too bad.

A big Thank You as always to Port Colborne & District Conservation Club for the use of this fine facility. And to those who helped to set up and tear down the course – especially some who jumped in to help with this for the first time.

To all of you that attended – your participation is very much appreciated – Thank You!

The lanes were set up a bit less nasty this time out while still taking advantage of the great natural environment that this club offers.  The many trees and the variable light coming through the leaves always makes for some challenges on every lane.

A few shooters were not troubled at all by the heat or the course set up.

Lanny shot a perfect 60 for 60 in the Open Division.

Tom shot a new personal best at 112 / 120 to take the top spot in the Hunter Division.

Great shooting guys!

We had another first time shooter join us at Port Colborne and we again had a junior out.  This is great to see and I encourage everyone to bring out a friend.  If you have someone who is interested but does not have the gear, please reach out and we can figure something out.

There were 19 shooters this match.

Match Results:

Hunter PCP

Tom K with 112 /120

Tony L        109

Mike P        108

Rob G        108

Tony M       95

Larry Y       87

Hunter piston

Rob W        99 / 120

Marc S        97

Mike D        86

Gary C        61

Hunter Junior

Daniel D     55

Open PCP

Lanny H     60 / 60 !!!

Len J          57

Dennis E     54

Chris H       48

Peter E       31

WFTF Piston

Bob W        51 / 60

Jon M         33


James L     53 / 60

Remember that the Canadian National Competition is coming up at this very course in just under 2 months and I would love to see all of our regulars out to what should be a lot of fun.

Once again thanks to the Port Colborne & District and Conservation Club and all who attended and made this a great day!

July 15, 2022

HAHA Match Report July 9th, 2022

Another HAHA FT match is in the books with a few second guessing their set ups! Saturday proved to be the most challenging course this year. With more reduced hit zones and 20-35km winds, pellets were dancing all over the faceplates and beyond!

It was awesome to chat with a prospective new competitor “Harold” who came out to learn more about the sport. Special thanks to Jeff H who took time to answer lots of great questions and introduce Harold to our sport. We hope to see you at an upcoming match!

PCP Hunter was the group to watch as three very good shooters went head-to-head. When the match was over, only 1 point separated first through third place.

Congratulations to our division winners:

Mike P / Tony L – PCP Hunter 97/120 (tied for top spot)

Rob W – Piston Hunter 88/120

Richard S – PCP Open 48/60

James L – WFTF PCP 43/60

Bob W – WFTF Piston 40/60

A sincere Thank-you to the volunteers who showed up early to get the range ready for the day and also for everyone who stayed around to help take down the course after the event. As always, Thank-you Tom for taking all the great photo’s.

The next match at HAHA is August 13th. More details will be provided closer to that date.

For full match results below

Brian W
Match Director

PCP Open / 60ScoreGunSightPellet
Richard S48Daystate RedwolfHawkeJSB 10.34
Chris H38Kral Super JumboDiscovery 6-24JSB 15.89
Dennis E35AA FTP 900S&BJSB 
PCP WFTF / 60ScoreGunSightPellet
James L43Steyr 110Sightron 10-50JSB 7.8
PCP Hunter / 120ScoreGunSightPellet
Mike P97FX StreamlineDiscoveryFX
Tony L97Diana Outlaw6-24×50JSB 10.3
Tom K96HW 100 KTDiscovery 4-16JSB 10.34
Tony M89MaurauderHawke SidewinderJSB 13.43
Larry Y77Kral Puncher JumboDiscoveryH&N 10.6
Mike D71Benjamin MaximusBushnell 4.5-14
Rob GDNFRedwolfHawke 6-12AA 10.3
Piston WFTF / 60ScoreGunSightPellet
Bob W40AA TX 200Hawke 10-50JSB 8.4
Brian W34HW97Sightron 10-50AA 7.9g
Piston Hunter / 120ScoreGunSightPellet
Rob W88AA TX 200Vector TourexJSB
Lanny H84HW97ElementH&N 8.64
June 27, 2022

Grenville Match Report June 26th, 2022

Grenville Field Target Club

Results Chart

RankName ClassTotalRifleScopePellet 
 WFTF Piston/60    
1Ryan Landry42HW97Falcon T50H&N FTT 
2Dave Cunningham28TX200Hawke 8-32AA 8.44 
3Tim MacSweynDNCTX200HCPrem. Leup 14.5-35JSB 8.44 
 WFTF PCP     
1Jacob Charlebois44Steyr LG110Sightron 10-50JSB 8.44 
2Denis StJean35AA S400FHawke 10-50H&N FTT 
3John Bradley34AR20FTHawke 10-50JSB 8.44 
 Open PCP     
1Richard Oszpar41Kral JumboDiscoveryAA 10.34 
 Hunter Division/120    
1Blane Larone93AA S200Hawke 2-7AA 7.87 
1Richard Tatisciore ProSportHawke 3-12JSB 8.44 
Results Chart

Nine shooters made it out to sweat off a few pounds and donate blood to the mosquitoes.  We all survived and had a great day of shooting.

Jacob made a real nice improvement in his score to take first in the WFTF PCP class.  Dennis and John were only one shot apart, with Denis having bragging rights this month.

Richard O. shot Open PCP for the first time and shot an impressive 41/60.  Richard T. shot the division with him using his ProSport.  Unfortunately, Richard had some issues with his scope that dropped his score dramatically.

Blane, due to having recent surgery on both wrist, shot a PCP at about 8.5 ft/lb, using a 2-7 scope and still managed a 93.  Impressive!

Ryan, shooting a springer, again, took the top spot in the WFTF Piston class.  Dave is still recovering from a finger injury and still managed a decent score with his backup gun.

It is good to see the attendance slowly rising each month and I hope that trend continues.  Next match in on Sunday, July 24, 2022 and I am looking forward to another excellent shooting day.  We will mix the lanes for the July match and then shoot what we think to be the 10 hardest lanes in August to give some preparation for the CAFTA Nationals in September.

Tim MacSweyn

June 20, 2022

Port Colborne Match Report for 18 June 2022

By Rob Wright, Match Director

A big Thank You to Port Colborne & District Conservation Club for the use of this fine facility.

To Danny for his role as club liaison. For supplying the sight in targets and for setting up and tear down of the sight in range.

Dennis & Lanny for getting the course ready to shoot the day before. Dennis, also for providing most of the targets as well as setting up and tearing down of the lanes.

To all of you that attended – that arrived early, helped set up and take down – Thank You!

The wind that was howling for the previous day and a half continued blowing hard and had most people a bit concerned – but the people who set up some of the lanes obviously thought that the wind was not going to be enough of a challenge!  Some of the target placements were a bit devious.  I loved it – and from the smiles and conversation it sounded like most everyone did.  The silver wood duck target that was tucked in at the base of a tree on lane #3 caused the most chatter since with the changing light coming through the trees it was almost invisible until you had your scope on it (by the way that is a very pretty target Rob G!!!)  The rest of the course took advantage of the woods with a number of targets tucked into shadows or under the shelter of a fallen tree. I once joked with Rob G about using his lollipop target in a match since (as the name suggests) it is shaped like a lollipop with a thin stick and a narrow face plate around the hit zone – fine for Open and WFTF, but not much room to get a “1” for the Hunter Division.  I laughed when I came around to lane #1 and saw that the farthest target was in fact the lollipop!  As it turned out the duck was the most challenging target of the day for all shooters – only 6 people knocked it down with their first shot and 2 with their second, but no one made both shots. The scores on the lollipop were not much different than on any of the other far targets.  Two interesting points in the scoring data (interesting perhaps only to a data geek) are:

  • No one missed the first target on lane 4.  Of the 30 shots fired at it, it dropped every single time.
  • The second shot on lane 7 (standing) was impenetrable to WFTF shooters – no one knocked it down while 12 other shots from other divisions did.

We experimented with a few elevated targets and the elevated part worked fine but the untested targets let us down – they have now been sorted out and are ready for the next match. 

We had 2 first timers out to Port Colborne and based on their comments after the match I am delighted that they will be coming back again!  We also had a return visit from one of the originators of FT in Ontario – it was great to meet Tim MacSweyn and see him back at Port Colborne.

A couple people had technical difficulties that unfortunately took them out of the match and Marc S had scope trouble that cost him 2 lanes before he figured out his new multi MOA hold over and hold off and started knocking them down again – nice recovery Marc! 

The combination of the wind and the challenging set up brought the scores down a bit with no one in Hunter breaking a hundred, although a few of the usual top shooters in Open and WFTF rose to the challenge and posted great scores.

There were 16 shooters in total for this match.

Match Results:

Hunter PCP

Rob G with 98 / 120

Marc S  and Tom K tied for second at 95

Larry Y 92

Mike D  71

Hunter piston

Rob W 97 / 120

Shane R  74

Garry C  64

Danny K  59

Open PCP

Len J 57 / 60

Dennis E 55

Lanny H 49

Magdy H  DNF

WFTF piston

Tim M  50 / 60

Bob W  29


James L 45 / 60

A quick show of hands after the match says that we will have matches in both July and August – I look forward to seeing everyone there.  I also encourage everyone to think about how we can grow this sport and share this fun with more people.  Think about a friend or relative that you might be able to bring out – I am sure that we can come up with a loaner gun for someone who is interested in trying it out.

Once again thanks to the Port Colborne & District and Conservation Club, Danny, Dennis, Lanny, and all who attended and made this a great day!