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September 16, 2020

HAHA September 12, 2020

Thanks to the HAHA club and Chris for the 2nd match at HAHA for 2020.  We were able to get out for some fun, some yakking and the last chance to shoot before the Nationals.

The day was picture perfect – decent temps, blue sky with cotton ball clouds and the devilish wind that is HAHA – as an example, in the middle of the course there was about ¾” of lift and on the left berm the pellets were bending and lifting towards the berm!! Absolutely wonderful and frustrating at the same time.  If you have not been to HAHA in a while you should check it out at the October match.

Speaking of the October match, we’ve a special this year.  It is going to the be place for the Fudd and the CAFTA Board elections.  Yep, that is correct, the Fudd is moving from Port Colborne to HAHA for 2020.  Yet another reason to come check us out!  Definitely more information to follow.

A big shout out to everyone that came out and a hearty thank you for pitching in to set up and take down.  Made everything go super smooth and quick.  Also, a welcome to Jon M, some fine shooting with your new TX200!

Biggest shout out to Chris H for getting us all together.  We appreciate your hard work and persistence Chris – thank you.

Below are the results from the match.

See you all in October!

Results Chart

September 12, 2020                                                                                       

Shooter GunScopePellet
OPEN PCPScore / 60   
Richard43AirforceHawkeRSW 15.89
Peter Elsby40AA 510HawkeCrosman 7.9
Hunter PCPScore /120   
Chris Holms100Kral NP 500Hawke 4-16 x44AA 10.5
Randy Ryan79CrosmanBushnell 4-12×40Crosman 7.9
Hunter PistonScore /128   
Robe Gastle87AA TX200HawkeJSB 8.4
Marc Shelleau98AA TX200Hawke 6-24 x44Crosman 7.9
Bob Wall101AA TX200JSB 8.44
Jon Miller *90AA TX200JSB 8.44
WFTF PCPScore /60   
Brian Wernham53AA FTP900Sightron 10-50 x60AA 8.44
WFTF Piston    
Jeff Hemming41AA TX200Sightron 10-50 x60JSB 8.44

* New Shooter

August 10, 2020

Match Report & Results: Grenville August 9th, 2020

Match Report

It is a great pleasure to write this post!  We finally had our first match of 2020!

With the recent openings we were able to get together at the Grenville Fish & Game Club.  A big thank you to the club for moving forward and allowing us to hold matches!

We had an excellent turn out with 16 shooters – some from the local area and others from as far away as Kitchener and Port Colborne.  Thank you all for making the journey and some rather early starts!

It was a great day for shooting with everyone arriving by 9:00 AM and on the sight-in range shortly afterwards.  We started out with very humid and windy conditions on the sight-in line. 

The shooters meeting started at 10:15 AM and we were on the course by 11:00 AM.

Being typical Grenville, as soon as we went in the forest the wind vanished and the sun cast lots of shadows.  Just as we got to the last few lanes, the sky opened, and we got about 30 minutes of rain.  The cedars gave some protection though we all were wiping down and drying our guns when we got back.  The rain was welcome as it chased the mosquitoes away, yes there were a few!

The club set a challenging opening course with a everyone gaining an appreciation for the “F”… ing lane.  It was set as a kneeler – 16 yards and 3/8 kill zone followed up with two 38 yarders with full kill zones… one at the base of a large oak and the other about 20 feet up!  Yeah, it was a challenge!

We were cleaned up and awards presented by 2:30 PM and everyone on the road by 3:00 PM.

The biggest thank you to everyone that came out!  We were excited to host you all and look forward the next get together for the Canadian Nationals on September 18-20th.   Stay tuned to your email and the forums for more information.  Also, for those down Hamilton way, there will be a match at HAHA on August 29th.

Finally, if you have questions about field target, visit or check us out on Facebook, @CanadianAirgunFieldTargetAssociation.  And, if you’re in the Grenville area and looking for a place to shoot, visit Grenville Fish & Game Club.

Shoot safely, shoot often and share field target!

Match Results

All Rifles are .177

Match Director: Tim MacSweyn

OpenPCPDenis Eden38LG100Schmidt & BenderJSB
OpenPCPLanny Hann33TM1000SightronJSB
OpenPistonTim MacSweyn37TX200 Mk3 HCBushnellJSB
WFTFPCPJohn Birch42FTP900FalconJSB
WFTFPCPJohn Bradley32AR20FTHawkeJSB
WFTFPCPDenis St. Jean29S400FHawkeAA
WFTFPistonJames Liu42TX200 Mk3HawkeJSB
WFTFPistonJeff Hemming42TX200 Mk3 HCSightronJSB
WFTFPistonDave Cunningham36TX200 Mk3HawkeAA
HunterPCPPeter Elsby78S510MTCCrosman
HunterPistonTony Lau100HW97BSAJSB RS
HunterPistonMarc Shelleau92TX200 Mk3HawkeCrosman
HunterPistonBob Wall88TX200 Mk3HawkeJSB
HunterPistonRob Gastle77TX200 Mk3HawkeJSB
HunterPistonBlane Larone75TX200 Mk3HawkeJSB
HunterPistonBill Bratt59430LHawkeAA
Match results: August 9th, 2020

March 1, 2020

Results: Burlington FT Pistol Match Sunday, March 1, 2020

Welcome to the final FT Pistol match of the year.  There was a strong turn out with 16 shooters participating. 

The day dawned cold and sunny.  Fortunately, a group was in ahead of us and head the range warmed up.  We had six lanes with two targets per lane, between 10 and 25 yards.  With the numbers it meant six squads were shooting and two were chilling out in the club house.  We all had a lot of fun and saw some solid scores and improvements from the last match.  Big shout out to Dennis E – he cleaned the course.  Great shooting!

A special thanks to Don I for making it all work and Tony R for wrangling the targets.

Everything went smoothly and we were out by 2:45 PM.  Thank you to all who pitched in to make one of the quickest take downs we’ve done.

The next match is Sunday, April 5th so mark your calendars.  Note, this will be the first rifle match of the season, so get you FT rigs tuned up and ready! 

Like this match we’ll send notification about two weeks ahead and a follow-up a few days before.

If you haven’t checked out field target, visit or check us out on Facebook, @CanadianAirgunFieldTargetAssociation.

Shoot Safely, Shoot Often & Share Field Target!


All pistols are .177 unless otherwise noted

  Open Sights Score /96
1 Brian Wernham 78
  George Harde 59
 2 Larry Carroll 74
  Zach Harde 70
  Red Dot/Unmagnified  
  Don Irvine 66
  Geoff MacGregor 58
1 Jeff Hemming 87
  Larry Young 43
2 Rob Gastle (.22 cal) 83
3 Ted Gibson 82
  Tony Lau 77
  Tony Raposo 45
  Don Irvine 66
1 Dennis Eden 96
  Lanny Hann 92
2 Magdy Hassouna 93
  Tony Moosie 79

January 26, 2020

Results: Pistol FT Match 26 January at Range Burlington

Welcome to 2020 and the first FT Pistol match of the year.  There was a strong turn out with 11 shooters making it out, including some first timers! 

A great time was had by all and a big thank to those that helped with the setup and take down.  A special thanks to Don I for making it all work and Tony R for wrangling the targets.

Everything went smoothly and we were out by 2:15 PM.

Note, the talk of a February make up match isn’t going to come together.  The range is fully booked out.  The next match is Sunday, March 1st so mark your calendars. 

We’ll also get the get the emails out earlier for this one 😊

If you haven’t checked out field target, visit or check us out on Facebook, @CanadianAirgunFieldTargetAssociation.

Match Results:

  Open Sights Score /96
  Larry C 69
  Larry Y 29
  Red Dot/Unmagnified  
  Don I 72
  Tony L 31
1 Tony R 79
1 Dennis E 93
  Tony M 81
3 Lanny H 88
  Rob G 56
  Frank H 55
2 James L 92

Shoot Safely, Shoot Often & Share Field Target!

January 13, 2020


Received word from the WFTF, World Field Target Association, that the USA has announced where they are hosting the 2021 World Field Target Championship – Yankton, South Dakota.

The dates have not been set, thought we have heard that the organizing committee is looking at sometime between August 15th and September 30th. It’s still a good bit in the future and we’ll post updates as we get more info. Interesting bit – they are looking to have a cap of 450 shooters!

Check out the site – WFTC 2021