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June 11, 2022

HAHA Match Report: June 11th, 2022

We successfully held the June FT match at HAHA on Saturday, June 11th with 16 shooters!

First thank you to:

  • Hamilton Angling and Hunting Association for letting us use the Rifle Range for the match!
  • Those that showed up early to set up for the match! A shout out to the earliest early birds – Tom K, Rob G, Bob W, Richard (who had to leave before the shoot!!!).
  • To everyone that stayed after the match to cleanup, which was everyone!
  • And finally, to everyone that came out to shoot. It was great to see you all!

It was an outstanding day to be at the range – sunny, modest breeze and warm! We had the range setup just after 9:00 AM and on the site in lines by 9:15 AM. Jeff H stepped in as Match Director and had the shooters meeting over and down with by 10:15.

We mixed up the targets a bit for this match with several extra long targets to test everyone’s range charts. The longest one stretched out to 59 yards and left a few of us to update our click charts / range markings. The added distance also put the targets in a different wind pattern on the range. Suffice it to say there were a few comments! At the end of the day everyone day had a good time and stepped up to the challenge.

Shout outs to the class winners:
Hunter PCP: Tom K for squeaking out a 1 point lead – 101/120
Hunter Piston: Gary C for braving the course with his scoped FWB300 – 42/120
Open PCP: Denis E, Lanny H, Len J in three way tie – 52/60
WFTF PCP: James L – 52/60
WFTF Piston: Bob W – 40/60

A unique outcome this time around – we had a tie in Hunter PCP and a three-way tie in Open PCP. We opted out of a shoot off, next time! Awesome to see such close competition – well done everyone.

That wraps the June match report. Below are the detailed results.

Thank you one last time to everyone that helped out and the HAHA club. We can’t do these matches without you!!

See you at Port next weekend and back and HAHA in July

Jeff Hemming
Acting Match Director


Hunter PCP /120TotalRifleScopePellet
Tom Ke101Diana OutlawDiscovery VTT 4.16 x 50H&N Baracuda FT 9.57
Marc Shelleau100FX CrownElement 6×24JSB 14.3
Rob Gastle100Daystate RedwolfHawke 6-24AA 10.3
Mike Pitkanen88Brocock Sniper XRDiscovery EDJSB 23.43
Randy Ryan74Benjamin MaximusPintx 4-16 x 40Crosman Premier 7.9
Hunter Piston /120    
Gary Cassidy *42FWB 300Hawke 4×16H&N 7.87
Open PCP /60    
Denis Eden52USFT Mac OneLeupold 35XJSB Exact 10.8
Lanny Hann52DaystateHawkeAA 10.3
Len Joe52FWB P70 FTSighton 10-50 x 60JSBH
Richard Stephens51Daystate RedwolfHawkeJSB
Chris Holmes47Kral JumboDiscovery 6-24 x 50FX 16
Geoff MacGregor40AA S510Hawke AirmaxAA 8.4
Peter Elsby27FX ImpactImersive Optics 14 x 50Crosman 10.5
WFTF PCP /60    
James Liu52Steyr 110 FTSightron 10-50 x 60JSB 7.88
WFTF Piston /60    
Bob Wall37AA TX200 Mk 3Sightron 10-50 x 60JSB 8.44
Jeff Hemming27AA TX200 Mk3 CarbineMarch 10-60 x 60JSB 8.44
* First time shooter
May 29, 2022

Grenville May 29th, 2022 Match Report

by Tim MacSweyn

It was an absolutely perfect day for our second field target (FT) match of the 2022 season.  Eight shooters were there to enjoy the day, the shooting and the company of friends.  We had a new shooter, Andre, experiencing a FT match for the first time and he shot very well in a modified hunter class.

We had three shooters in the WFTF PCP class and John edged Denis out by a couple of shots.  Jacob did very well, shooting this class for the second time.  Could be a real interesting race in this class as the season progresses.

Ryan shooting WFTF Piston, yes Ryan shooting piston, claimed the top spot.

All in all, it was a great day, with a few more shooters and a very enjoyable social event as always.  I am really looking forward to seeing more participants next month as the COVID shadow fades more and more.  See you on June 26th.

Tim MacSweyn
Match Director

Match Results

RankClass / NameTotalRifleScopePellet
 WFTF Piston/60   
1Ryan Landry44HW97Falcon T50H&N FTT
2Tim MacSweyn—-TX200HCHawke 4-16JSB 8.44
1John Bradley46AR20FTHawke 10-50JSB 8.44
2Denis StJean44AA S400FHawke 10-50H&N FTT
3Jacob Charlebois34Steyr LG110Sightron 10-50JSB 8.44
 Hunter DivisionPCP/120   
1Richard Tatasciore107MarauderHawke 4-16H&N 10.65
2Richard Oszpar86Kral PuncherCZ 5-25AA 10.3
 Hunter Piston    
1Andre95TX200Hawke 4-16JSB 8.44
Match Results May 29th, 2022
May 28, 2022

Port Colborne FT Match Report for May 28th, 2022

By Bob W, acting Match Director on behalf of Rob W, Match Director

Big thank you to Port Colborne District Conservation Club for the use of their fine facility.

To Danny K for his role as club liaison. For supplying the sight in targets and for setting up and tear down of the sight in range. Thanks, Danny!

Dennis E for his grounds work getting the course ready to shoot. Also, for providing most of the targets as well as setting up and tearing down of the lanes. Thanks Dennis!

Lanny H did grounds work as well as the set up and teardown of the lanes. Thanks Lanny!

Without your and Dennis’s hard work on the May long weekend we could not have run this match.

Rob W, who stepped up and took on the position of new Match Director for Port Colborne. Plus, for coordinating most of this match from home.

To all of you that attended that got here early, helped set up and take down big thanks.

The first Match at Port Colborne was as always, a pleasure to attend. People really seem to like this course. Such a great place to shoot, nice club house with amenities and a covered deck. Then there is the large sight in range, with room for plenty of shooters. The woods course consists of long wide lanes under the canopy of mixed hard woods. Compacted gravel pad to shoot from. Making Port a delight to shoot.

The weather was kind to us overall. Although we did get some rain early on. But it ended by the time we were ready to hit the sight in range. The day was warm with a light breeze and overcast skies. That gave us a soft consistent dim light, radiating throughout the woods. With the sun popping out towards the end of the shoot.

Course set up was standard ten lanes, three targets per lane with two positional lanes. With Open shooters having a choice as to the position they would shoot. The positional lanes were side by side lanes 8 and 9. I found this to be a well-balanced course with a medium to hard level of difficulty.

Most of the targets were custom provided by Dennis Eden.  With few run of the mill Gamos and Remingtons in the mix.

Rob G provided a prototype duck target to test. Which was put out at 55 yards and performed flawlessly. Pull up to reset very smoothly. For those sharp enough to hit it of which I was not one. Thanks Rob!   

Only a few cold lines called as most targets worked well. A few of the small hit zone targets were very challenge. Due to low light with little contrast, especially for those with low power scopes.

There were 12 shooters in total for this match.

Match Results:

Hunter PCP

Marc S with a 102 out of 120 for the win.

Rob G a very close second with 100 out of 120.

Larry Y taking third with a 91 out of 120.

Hunter piston

Mike D took first place with 85/120.

Danny K with 65/120 for second

Hunter Junior Piston

 Saw Daniel D take first with 53/120

Open PCP

Lanny H took first with an impressive 56/60

Dennis E a very solid second with 54/60

Geoff M rounded out the top three 44/60

Peter E shot 28 /60 to finish forth.

WFTF piston

Bob W first with a 48/60

Jeff H second with a 44 /60

Once again thanks, to the Port Colborne District and Conversation Club, Rob Wright, Danny K, Lanny H, Dennis E and all who attended giving a helping hand – thanks!!

May 14, 2022

HAHA Match Results May 14th, 2022

PCP Open / 60ScoreGunSightPellet
Len J59FWB P70 FTSightron 10-50JSB 10.34
James L59Steyr 110 FTSightron 10-50JSB 7.88
Richard S57Daystate RedwolfHawkeJSB 10.34
Magdy H53FWB S&B 
Lanny H36Daystate RevereHawke 8-32AA 10.3
John B *25Kral Puncher JumboHawke 
Peter E19Benjamin MaximusDiscovery 5-20JSB 8.4
Art W18AvengerHawkeCrossman
PCP WFTF / 60ScoreGunSightPellet
Brian W48AA FTP900Sightron 10-50AA 8.4
PCP Hunter / 120ScoreGunSightPellet
Tom K105Diana OutlawDiscovery 4-16H&N Baracuda 9.57g
Rob G102Daystate RedwolfHawke 6-24JSB 10.3
Mike P102Brocock SniperDiscovery EDJSB 13.43
Marc S98FX CrownNikko 2.5-10JSB 15.89
Randy R70Benjamin MaximusPintyCr 7.9g
Piston WFTF / 60ScoreGunSightPellet
Ted G43AA TX 200Bushnell 8-32JSB 8.4
Bob W39AA TX 200Hawke 10-50JSB 8.4
Jeff H 33AA TX 200Sightron STAC 3-16JSB 8.4
* New shooter
Match scores
April 24, 2022

Grenville April 24th, 2022 Match Report

The first Grenville air rifle Match of the 2022 season was held this past Sunday (April 24). Unfortunately, the participant numbers were down due to a variety of reasons.

The day was a little cooler than expected. However, it was a partly sunny day with a light wind blowing down range.

This was also the day for the Grenville’s annual archery tournament. So, we shared the woods with a fair number of archers. As they walked past us a few inquired about air rifles, the range, and targets etc. Who knows, maybe we will see a few of them out at a future event.

As this was the first competitive event of the year for the participants, the results were quite varied. Some of us had a great day of shooting whereas others not so much.

It was a nice day to be in the woods enjoying some friendly competition. Everyone in attendance enjoyed the day and are looking forward to the next match on May 29th.

Hope to see everyone in May.

Dave Cunningham

RankName ClassTotalRifleScopePellet
 WFTF Piston/60   
1Dave Cunningham21/36TX200Hawke 8-32AA 8.44
1Denis StJean42AA S400FHawke 10-50H&N FTT
2John Bradley31AR20FTHawke 10-50JSB 8.44
 Hunter Division/120   
1Richard Oszpar73Kral Puncher JumboWH 4-16AA 10.3
1Richard Tatisciore100ProSportHawkeJSB 8.44
2Blane Larone87TX200HawkeAA 8.44
Match Results