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March 27, 2016

Burlington Pistol Field Target – Results for February 28, 2016

Burlington Pistol Field Target Results for February 28, 2016

Burlington Pistol Field Target
Results for February 28, 2016

Results Chart

Pistols are .177 unless designated otherwise.
…. Shooter….. Score /96…..Gun….. Sight….. Pellet

Open Sights
1.. Tim MacSweyn…. 80… Walther LP200… Open Iron… JSB 7.3
2.. Tom Peretti….. ..75… Steyr LP10… Open Iron… JSB 8.4
3.. George Harde…… 68… IZH 46… Open Iron… JSB
4.. Ivan Samila……… 67… Hamerli… Open Iron… JSB
5.. Larry Carrol…….. 66**… 2240…. Open Iron… .22 JSB Exp
5.. Mike Clemments… 66**… Cr 170… Open Iron… RWS S.D.
7.. David Perry…….. 65… Cr 2240… Open Iron… .22 RWS

Unmagnified Optics
1.. Don Irvine*…… 85… Steyr LP10… Bushnell Trophy RD JSB 8.4
2.. Tony Raposo…. 84… Alecto… Red Dot JSBH
3.. Zach Harde+…. 81… ?????… Red Dot… JSB
4.. Ted Gibson…… 78… Alecto… Red Dot… Cr HP
5.. Jeff Hemming… 76… IZH 46… Red Dot… JSB 7.3
6.. Lanny Hann**…. 67**… Walther CP3… Red Dot… RWS R10
6.. Dean Leite**….. 67**… Steyr LP10… Red Dot… JSB 8.4

1.. James Liu……… 95… IZH 46… 3-12… JSB RS
2.. Dennis Eden…… 94… Anshutz… Deben 10-50… RWS R10
3.. Magdy Hassouna. 92… Steyr LP… Scope… H&N
4.. Braden Woods… 86… Alecto… Scope 4-16… .22 JSB Ex

* Set up lanes for the match
** Tied Score
+ New Shooter

James – Top Gun

January 24, 2016

January 24th 2016 Pistol FT Results

January 24th Pistol FT Results

Tim 1bRe: January 24th Pistol FT

Postby Mac » Sun Jan 24, 2016
Burlington Pistol Field Target
Results for January 24, 2016

Results Chart

Pistols are .177 unless designated otherwise.
…. Shooter… Score /96…Gun… Sight… Pellet
….. Open Sights
1.. Tim MacSweyn.. 78.. FWB 80.. Open Iron.. JSB 7.9
2.. Larry Carrol.. 71.. 2240.. Open Iron.. .22 JSB Exp
3.. Mike Clemments.. 69.. Cr 1740.. Open Iron.. RWS S.D.
4.. Ivan Samila.. 65.. Hamerli.. Open Iron.. RWS

….. Unmagnified Optics
1.. Don Irvine*.. 86.. Steyr LP10.. Bushnell Trophy RD.. JSB 8.4
2.. Dean Leite ..80 Steyr LP10 ..Red Dot.. JSB 8.4
3.. Lanny Hann.. 75.. Walther CP3.. Burris FF Red Dot.. RWS R10
4.. Gord MacKinnon.. 15.. P4.. Red Dot.. Diablo
5.. Jeff Hemming.. 14 DNF.. IZH 46.. Red Dot.. JSB 7.9

….. Scoped
1.. Dennis Eden.. 96.. Anshutz.. Deben 10-50.. RWS R10
2.. James Liu.. 94.. IZH 46.. 3-12.. JSB RS
3.. Magdy Hassouna.. 88.. Steyr LP.. Scope.. H&N
4.. Braden Woods.. 81.. Alecto.. Scope.. JSB Ex J
5.. Rob Billard.. 65.. Cr. Classic.. Cr. 4X.. JSBH
* Set up lanes for the match

September 24, 2015

2015 Ontario Provincial Field Target Championship

2015 Ontario Provincial Field Target Championship


Post by bjp » Thu Sep 24, 2015 6:47 pm

Sorry for the late report, but as they say, better late than never !
The match was held on Sat Sept 19 at the EOSC property in Limoges, Ontario. We had five people out a couple of weeks prior to the match to clear lanes, prepare shooting positions and start course layout. The Friday before the match we also had five people out to set targets, lane markers and strings, etc. Two of those fine individuals (Ryan and Sylvain) had prior commitments that wouldn’t allow to shoot the match but they came out and helped anyways. Many thanks.
In an attempt to have a match with an international style flavour we set up 60 targets over 20 lanes with each target being shot only once per competitor. We ended up with a course that had a Troyer factor of 27 (but I suspect that had we had a wind gauge at the end it might have been higher). We had targets placed up in trees, downhill (a little bit anyways), in dappled light, across a little valley, and some with itty bitty hit zones. No one cleaned the course so the mixture seemed to provide a pretty good challenge. (more…)

July 21, 2015

2016 CAFTA Championships Information & Registration


Canadian Airgun Field Target Association

National Championship

Saturday, July 16th and Sunday, July 17th, 2016

2016 CAFTA Championships Information & Registration Form V2

CAFTA logo full

Hosted by the Port Colborne Field Target Club

Port Colborne & District Conservation Club

3757 2nd Concession Rd Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada

Friday, July 15th

The sight in range will be open in the afternoon and early evening

Saturday, July 16th

  • The sight in range will open at 7:30 AM
  • All guns will be chrony tested during the sight-in time
  • If unregistered, register for the match before 9:30AM
  • Shooters meeting at 9:45 AM
  • Match starts at 10:00 AM
  • Shooters will complete five lanes (30 shots)
  • Shooters will take a mandatory short break to fill guns or use the washroom
  • Shooters will complete the remaining five lanes (30 shots)
  • Scores for the day will be tallied and posted
  • A meal will be supplied right after the match at approximately 2:00 – 3:00PM at a local restaurant.

Sunday, July 17th

  • The sight in range will open at 7:30 AM
  • Shooters meeting at 9:45 AM
  • Match starts at 10:00 AM
  • Shooters will complete five lanes (30 shots)
  • Shooters will take a mandatory short break to fill guns or use the washroom
  • Shooters will complete the remaining five lanes (30 shots)
  • Scores for the day will be tallied and if necessary, shoot offs will be held to determine the winners of each category
  • A meal will be supplied following the match and shoot offs
  • Awards Ceremony will be held immediately following the meal
    • “The” prize draw will be held following the awards, during coffee and dessert

    Important Notes regarding the Match

    • Timers will be used on all lanes The timer format will consist of 60 seconds of ‘preparation time’ once you address the first target (when your bum hits the bag, or you shoulder your rifle for standing shots or kneel down for kneeling shots, plus 60 seconds for each target. Thus a 3 target lane allows for 7 minutes.
    • A maximum 20 ft/lb limit with the pellet you are using will be enforced in Open and Hunter Divisions
    • A maximum 12 ft/lb limit with the pellet you are using will be enforced in WFTF Divisions
    • Information on accommodations will be emailed to each competitor after they register/commit to attend or upon request.

    Tips for our American Friends

    • Airguns with a muzzle velocity over 500fps are considered Firearms in Canada, and need to be registered. BUT don’t worry; it’s a simple thing to do. 
    • Go to this website and use the pdf form RCMP 5589 / CAFC 909
    • Fill out the form in triplicate to speed things up at the border, but do not sign them. The Customs Officer will want to see you sign them.
    • If you have over three (3) guns, you will need a continuation form from the same website. Unfortunately a flat fee has been added for all rifles on form, not per rifle.
    • There is lots of information on the RCMP site for visitors, but if you are only bringing air rifles, you should have no problems at the border.

    Driving Directions

    Cut & Paste these Latitude & Longitude Coordinates into a GPS, Yahoo, Google Maps or other Mapping Software:


    Questions? Please contact

    Tim MacSweyn


July 20, 2015

Canadian National Field Target Association Championship July 2015

Canadian National Field Target Association Championship
Hosted by the Port Colborne Field Target Club on July 18th & 19th, 2015
Match Report by Tim MacSweynTim and Tom

Wow, what an amazing weekend! From start to finish, things just went just how they should. Of course we all had those targets we know we should have knocked down, but that’s field target. In only two of the five categories shot did the leader after Saturday go on to win on Sunday, so there was great competition. The weather started out iffy and turned out great, so even Mother Nature was on our side this time.

There were 23 shooters that took part this year and every one of them added to the good time. The WFTF Piston group was the largest this year and seems to be gaining popularity in our area. After Saturday on the red course, there were four shooters all within four points at the top of the leader board. Day two saw Joel take over with the performance of the match, scoring a 50/60 and winning the title of Canadian Champion in his division. Tom and George stayed close for most of the day, with Tom edging George out by a couple of points for second place. Yours truly had a rough second half on Sunday and dropped well back. Jeff had his gun apart on Saturday and Mike just started shooting his gun, so both did quite well.

Usually a fairly well attended class, there were only two shooters in WFTF PCP. Brian M. shot very well, particularly on Saturday and took the top spot. For Junaid’s very first match, I thought he did extremely well in a difficult class, much better than I did in my first match.

Open pcp always seems to draw at least a handful of shooters and this year was no exception. After the first day on the white course, Don had built a pretty good lead, something he was happy he had at the end of the second day, since that was very close to the margin he won by to claim first place. Dennis was very consistent, placing second and Dean took third. Tony M jumped right into a very tough class and performed well. Unfortunately, Magdy was unable to return on Sunday and did not finish.

Hunter pcp also had five competitors and some very close scores. Sean had a commanding lead after day one, making it look like a repeat was likely. I happened to catch Larry checking out the scores after the first day and the only part I heard was, “I’ll have to pull up my socks tomorrow.” He hiked those socks way up for sure and ended up edging Sean out by a few points to take the championship. Sean placed second followed closely by Chris, who seems to improve with every match. Jess and Sydney were within a point on day one, but Sydney was able to edge Jess out for the top lady award.

Hunter piston is another class that seems to be getting more popular, with five shooters competing this year. With some late entries, we were a little short on awards, but not short on competition. Eric had a great day on Sunday to score a come from behind win in his class. James put together two very good days to take second and Brian W took third. A walk on, Tony L did very well on both days and Marshall switched from pcp to piston just before the match, still performing quite well.

There were no tied scores, so we were able to eat lunch as soon as we were done on Sunday and then have the awards presentations. The prize draw was then held with a bit of a twist this year. Air Gun Source, as they always do, donated gifts to this draw. The difference was the fact that those drawn did not know what gift they were to receive; there was a sheet on the table with numbers one to ten and as names were drawn, people had the option of signing the next spot on the list or to choose a prize off the table. Basing their decisions on past experience, the list filled quite quickly. We went through the names about two and one half times, so everyone at least was able to pick two prizes. Considering the value of the prizes, many went home with quite a rebate on their match fee.

This year, the meal at the Reed House on Saturday and the one supplied by Subway on Sunday, were exceptionally good. I did not see anyone go away hungry.

I would like to thank the guys who set up lanes for the match and did such a great job creating two challenging and enjoyable courses. Special thanks to Dennis and Jeff who pulled my targets and packed them away in the barn as you saved me hours of work and it is greatly appreciated. Thanks to those who did their best to keep the clubhouse clean by sweeping the floor quite often. Tom did a great job on cleanup on Sunday after I left and that brought a smile to my face when I walked in there on Monday morning. Many, you know who you are, help in any way they can to set up the sight in range, carry things in, help set up anything that needs setting up and just generally can be counted on to chip in a help at every turn; thank you for giving that family feel to the whole weekend. A big thank you to Deb who has become an important part of this match with her presence on the course and the amazing pictures she is able to capture each year. Thanks to Angie who helps keep me on track and sane, but also takes care of all the registration on Saturday morning, picks up and organizes the meal for Sunday and runs the prize draw each year. She is a very important part of the weekend for me and I am sure for many others as well.

Sometimes overlooked is the beautiful venue we have had to host the National at for the past six or seven years. Time flies, doesn’t it! A big thank you goes out to the Port Colborne & District Conservation Club for the privilege of using this great facility.

Thanks to every individual who attended the event as competitor, supporter, fan, observer or whatever other title you may bestow on yourself. The people make the event and it was certainly evident that we had fine quality people in order to enjoy such a great weekend. I look forward to the rest of the season and do not forget to put July 15th through the 17th on your calendar for the 2016 CAFTA Nationals.