Hello from the HAHA FT Club. We shoot at the Hamilton Anglers and Hunting Association 50 m range located at 1317 Alberton Rd S, Ancaster, ON L9G 4X2.

HAHA is a fitting acronym for our FT club as we stress the fun side of field target and welcome new comers. We focus on Hunter FT and have members shoot Open and WFTF as well. Check out the Handbook for more information.

At this time CAFTA does not encourage, nor promote, nor facilitate group meals until all COVID protocols are lifted. Any meals provided are at the discretion of the match director(s) 

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2022 Schedule

The HAHA FT Club is for sub 20 ft/lb. air guns only, using lead pellets.

Saturday March 26th – match report
Saturday, April 16th – match report
Saturday, May 14th – match report
Saturday, June 11th – match report
Saturday July 9th – match report
Saturday, August 13th
Saturday, September 10th
Saturday, October 29th
Saturday November 12th

Notes: “Match formats” (Combo, Hunter, Regular FT) and course (Range or Woods) will be confirmed 2 weeks prior to event date.

Format for All Matches

We host two types of matches at HAHA.

Standard Field Target match and it consists of:

  • The match will be a 60 shot rifle match on 8 lanes with 4 targets per lane (3 targets on standing and kneeling position lanes)
  • The gates will open around 8:30 AM to get things set up.  Please try to come out early to help out.
  • The sight-in range should be available by 10:00 AM, the shooter’s meeting will be held at 10:45 AM and the match will start at 11:00 AM.
  • The match fee remains the same, at $10
  • All classes will be offered
    • Open Division: PCP and Piston classes (20 ft/lb max) /
    • Hunter Division: PCP and Piston (20 ft/lb max)
    • WFTF Division: PCP and Piston classes (12 ft/lb max)
    • Junior Hunter Class if we have some juniors (20 ft/lb max)

For more information contact Chris Holmes at h.c.holmes@rogers.com or Brian Wernham at wernhamb@gmail.com

Combo Match

More information to follow.