Waterloo Field Target Club Canada May 6, 2001

May 6, 2001 Dean


Shooter Gun Scope Pellet Total /60
Open Class
1) Rick Willaert Pro Target Tasco 8-40X Baracuda 53
2) Doug Diver Ripley AR5 Leupold 6.5-20X CP 10.5 51
3) Andrew Horodecky Pro Target .22 Bushnell 4-12X .22 CP 14.3 50
4) Mike Ferarra NJR 100 Leupold 18-40 Baracuda 49
5) Bert Habicher AA s300 Simmons 6.5-20X Baracuda 49
6) Dennis Eden Anschutz 2025 Leupold 35X Baracuda 48
7) Tim MacSweyn Ripley AR5s B&L 36X CP 10.5 48
8) Hans Bormann Pro Target Leuplod 18-40X Baracuda 44
9) Bill Horodecky Pro Target .22 Bushnell 4-12X .22 CP 14.3 42
10) Danny Reginato AA s300 B&L 6-24X Baracuda 37
Piston Class
1) George Harde TX 200 B&L 8-32X H&N Trophy 48
2) Will Kwan TX 200 HC Burris 8-32X CP 7.9 41
3) Sandro Assogna RWS 46 4X .22 CP 14.3 19
4) Tom Zumpe BSA Leupold 2.5X CP 7.9 13
5) Bob McGillivrae Slavia 631 Iron Sights ? 4


The day finally arrived for our first match of the season.  The weather cooperated and 15 shooters arrived to compete, many of them rookies or second time shooters.  There was also an Airgun show that drew people to the venue to witness Field Target first hand; there was a great deal of interest.

The match consisted of 60 shots, from 10 to 54 yards.  There was a fair amount of wind and just to make it more interesting, it had switched and was coming from the opposite direction from what we are use to.  In the afternoon, it switched back and was coming from the Southwest again.  The course was quite challenging, with a target in a wire cage, another behind a hollow log you had to shoot through and the long shots in the wind.  The competition was great as the top 5 were only separated by 5 shots and the top 7 by 6 shots.  Rick Willaert did the best job of figuring out the wind and putting down the “trick” shot targets.  He was followed closely by Doug Diver, who shot very well, and second time shooter, Andrew Horodecky, who is a junior to boot.  Great shooting, Andrew!  The rest of the open shooters were bunched together and not far off.

George Harde won the piston class with a 48 that matched many of the PCP shooters.  He is toying with the idea of a PCP gun; be afraid.  Will Kwan followed George and then three newcomers rounded out the piston class.

It was great to see Bill and Andrew back and also to welcome Sandro, Tom and Bob, who were new to the sport of Field Target.  I think Bob may use a scope next time.

Hans set up a fun shoot after the match, consisting of 15 targets from about 15 to 40+ yards and a team of three shooters had to put them down as quickly as possible.  The last target stopped the timer.  The team of Dennis Eden, Doug Diver and myself cleared the course in 45 seconds to win the quick shooters bragging rights.

It was just great to get out and shoot a match with the crew from Waterloo.


Tim MacSweyn