Waterloo Field Target Club Canada June 17, 2001

June 17, 2001 Dean




Gun Scope Pellet Total /60
1) Bill Horodecky Pro Target .22 Bushnell 6-18X CP 14.3 53
2) Bert Habicher AA s300 Simmons 6.5 –20X Baracuda 52
3) Dennis Eden Anschutz 2025 Leupold 35X Baracuda 50
4) Hans Bormann Pro Target Leupold 18-40X Baracuda 49

B Division

1) Tim MacSweyn Ripley AR5s Bushnell 8-32X CP 10.5 49
2) George Harde AA TX 200 Bushnell 8-32X H&N Trophy 46
3) Greg Stopelli Pro Target Tarco 8-40X CP 10.5 45
4) Doug Diver Ripley AR5 Leupold 6.5-20X CP 10.5 39
5) Danny Reginato AA s300 B&L 6-24X Baracuda 34

Ties broken by longest string of hits


It was cloudy and wet on the trip to the match, but it cleared up before we arrived.  The sun came out and the wind rose, which made it a very pleasant day to be outside.  The temperature was in the middle 70s and the mosquitoes were literally blown away.  The 60 shots ranged from 10 to 50 yards.  The wind made it impossible for most shooters to hold on the kill zone for shots outside of about 30 yards.  I recall holding about 2” off the center of the kill zone, ¾” outside the zone to knock a 40 yard target down.  Of course, I missed the first shot to find out how far to hold over.  I was great fun and a valuable experience for doping the wind.

Bill, with his .22 Pro Target, fared the best on this windy day, knocking down 53 of 60.  Bert’s came a close second and Dennis rounded out the top 3 shooters.  I was just in the right place in the order to place first in the B division, followed by George shooting his TX 200.  Greg, who was in from British Columbia, placed third in spite of a long layoff since his last match.  It was nice to see Greg again and I was fortunate enough to be squaded with him for the day.

Hans dreamed up another fun match, this time with paintballs.  He glued the balls on targets and place 8 targets out, 2 at 20 yards, 2 at 30, 2 at 40 and 2 at 50.  To finish, a field target at 20 yards had to be knocked down to stop the timer.  A squad of 3 shooters had to splatter the paintballs and take the target down.  With the wind, the 50-yard shots were very challenging.  Bert, Doug and Danny shot first, but a team of Dennis, Greg and myself splattered the paint and took down the target in the fastest time.

Some of the regulars missed this match due to other obligations, but we hope to have them back for the rest of the matches this season.  As with every match I have been to, it was a great day and I look forward to the next one.  Keep shooting field target and spread the word.

Tim MacSweyn