Waterloo Field Target Club Canada July 15, 2001

July 15, 2001 Dean

Shooter Gun Scope Pellet Total /60
Open Class        

A Division

1) Lanny Hann CR97 SE Leup 18- 40X Baracuda 58
2) Mike Ferarra NJR 100 Leupold 18-40 Baracuda 55
3) Tim MacSweyn AA s300 Tasco 8-40X Baracuda 54
4) Bert Habicher AA s300 Simmons 6.5-20X Baracuda 54
5) Dennis Eden Anschutz 2025 Leupold 35X Baracuda 49
6) George Harde TX 200 B&L 8-32X H&N Trophy 48
7) Bill Horodecky Pro Target .22 Bushnell 6-18X .22 CP 14.3 47

B Division

1) Hans Bormann Pro Target Leuplod 18-40X Baracuda 46
2) Andrew Horodecky Pro Target .22 Bushnell 6-18X .22 CP 14.3 43
3) Danny Reginato AA s300 B&L 6-24X Baracuda 40
4) Doug Diver Anschutz 2025 Leupold 6.5-20X Kodiak Match 10.6 39
5) Noel Sedman PCP Bushnell 4-12X CP 10.5 21
6) Tom Zumpe BSA Leupold 2.5X CP 7.9 10


It was a great summer day with a breeze that sometimes gusted up to about 15 mph.  The long shots were again the problem, with many of the misses coming at long range.  Lanny, who shot only for the second time in FT, only missed two long ones on the day.  Great shooting, Lanny.  Mike came in at lunch without a miss and continued that way until the last 5 shots.  Since his score ended up a 55/60, I don’t have to tell you what he did on those last five.  I’m not going to say anything!  I managed to place third in the A Division with a 54.


Hans placed first in the B Division with a 46, followed closely by our junior shooter, Andrew, with 43.  Danny rounded out the award winners in this division with a 40.


The 3/8” kill zones caused some problems, as did a dark coloured duck in the shadows at 50 yards.  The 54-yard target in the tricky wind section of the course humbled most of us, however a few shooters put it down both times.  There was a good range of difficulty at this match and it was a good tune-up for or Canadian Championships on August 18 and 19.


Thanks to Hans for doing most of the preparation work and presenting the awards.


I hope we get a good turnout for the Championships and I’m sure it will be a great match.  I’m looking forward to seeing George and his wife Virginia again this year.


See you on the 18th.

Tim MacSweyn