Waterloo Field Target Club September 16, 2001

September 16, 2001 Dean


Shooter Gun Scope Pellet Total /60
Open Class
1) Tim MacSweyn Rapid 17 FT Bushnell 4200  8-32X CP 10.5 57
2) Mike Ferarra NJR 100 Leupold 18-40 Baracuda 56*
3) Hans Bormann Pro Target Leuplod 18-40X Baracuda 56*
4) Dennis Eden Anschutz 2025 Leupold 35X Baracuda 52
5) Robert Barton Steyr LG100ZM B&L 36X Cp 10.5 49
6) Lanny Hann CR97 SE Leup 18- 40X Baracuda 48
7) Tom Zumpe TX200 Bushnell 4-12X CP 7.9 46
8) George Harde Diana 54 B&L 8-32X H&N Trophy 44
9) Doug Diver Anschutz 2025 Leupold 6.5-20X Kodiak Match 10.6 42
10) Zack Harde Rws Break barrel H&N Trophy 13
11) Noel Sedman Huntsman Euro 4X CP 10.5 DNF

* Hans conceded to Mike because that’s the way he is.  (Also wanted to avoid a shootout)


Sunday was one of those fall days you wish would continue for months.  The sun was out, wind was light, the temperature was right around 70 and the air was clean and invigorating.  Ten shooters showed up for the event including Robert Barton from about as far east in Ontario as you can get.  Some of our regulars were on vacation or busy with fall chores on their land.


It was great to finally meet Robert after many e-mails throughout the past months.  He fit in very nicely with the group and made some good friends.  He was doing well, but unfortunately he bumped his gun late in the match causing some accuracy problems.  Noel also was struck by some bad luck when his sling broke and the gun fell, moving the scope well off line.  The breach on Doug’s gun kept popping open causing him problems throughout the match.


At the lunch break, Mike was the leader, having dropped only 2 shots.  Tim and Hans were close behind having dropped 3 and 4 respectively.  A couple missed long shots in the afternoon for Mike combined with Tim and Hans shooting clean in the PM led to the finishing order for the top three.


Tom Zumpe shot an impressive 46 with his TX to top the spring gun shooters.  This is Tom’s first season shooting field target and he is improving very quickly.  Zack Harde, George’s son, also shot with us and seemed to have a good day.  With his dad’s help, it will not be too long before his scores will start to rise.


It was a great day for field target and spending time with familiar and new friends.  We’ll have at it again on Oct 20, 2001.  We are looking forward to another great fall day.  I hope to see all the regulars and even a few new shooters for this the last 60 shot match of the 2001 season.

                                                                                                            Tim MacSweyn