Waterloo field Target Club Match – May 5, 2002

May 5, 2002 Dean


It was certainly a more pleasant day than our first match of the season.  The temperature rose to around 60° and the winds were fairly light and variable.  The long shots did require some wind doping if the wind was blowing at the time of your shot.  The fact that it may or may not be blowing at the instant you release the shot is what made it interesting.  The match was 58 shots, due to a faulty target being pulled from the match.  The difficulty factor was 30.1, average kill zone was .9” and average distance to the target was 25 yards.  There were 18 shots at the world class level and 30 shots at average difficulty or lower.  It was a good course for all levels of shooting ability.


We experimented with a slightly different format and started the match at 11:00 AM rather than 10:00 AM.  We also shot all 58 shots straight through before lunch.  Some people expressed some concern with the shooting straight through and would like a short break about half way through.  Some groups having 2 shooters and others with 3 also caused some time problems.  We will discuss this at the next match, during the shooter’s meeting.


Most people filled their gun at about half way anyways, so we did a little comparing of scores at that time.  Dennis and Tim shared the lead at that point with 3 dropped shots each and Mike had dropped 4 shots.  After the break, Dennis droppped more shots and I shot the second half clean, except for a faulty target on lane 15 that was pulled from the match.  I shot with Mike during this match and we were very close until he dropped a couple shots on the last 6 or 7 lanes, resulting in his second place finish.  George was consistent throughout with his TX200 and placed 3rd, with a 49/58. 


Our next match is on June 5th and I am looking forward to some warm weather and a good turn-out.  The sight-in range will be open at about 8:30 AM.  We will have the shooter’s meeting at 10:45 AM and the match starts at 11:00 AM.


Nothing but paddle.


Tim MacSweyn




Shooter Gun Scope Pellet Score /58
1) Tim MacSweyn Rapid 17FT Bushnell 8-32X CP 10.5          55
2) Mike Ferarra NJR 100 Leupold 18-40X Baracuda          51
3) George Harde AA TX200 Bushnell 8-32X FT    Trophy          49
4) Bert Habicher AA 300s Simmons Baracuda          46
5) Dennis Eden  Rapid 17FT Leupold 35X CP 10.5          45
6) Danny Reginato AA 300s Tasco 8-40X Baracuda        *40
6) Hans Bormann Pro Target Leupold 18-40X Baracuda        *40

* Tied – No tie breaker