Waterloo field Target Club Match – June 9, 2002

June 9, 2002 Dean


It was another great day for FT, with the temperature in the upper 70s and light, variable breezes.  The course difficulty was 31.8, average kill zone was 1” and the average distance was 28 yards.  Shots ranged from 22 world class shots down to a few gimmes.  Hans and George had problems with their rigs, but for everyone else, the scores were quite good. 


We set out at 11:00 AM with four groups with two shooters per group.  George and Hans knew almost immediately there was something off with their set-up.  Both finished the course, but were far below their usual accomplishments.  At the end of 7 lanes, Tim had only dropped one and a few others were in with 5 dropped shots.  Robert had a good afternoon, only dropping a couple of shots and finishing with 53/60, but Tim shot clean in the afternoon to finish with a 59/60.  Bert rounded out the top three, with a 50/60.


After the match, we had a fun shoot on Buffalo silhouette targets set at 75 yards.  There was a  Plexiglas scoring template that fit over the silhouette that we all had a chance to look at.  We each had 10 shoots trying to hit the bulls eye by remembering where it was on the template.  Robert had a good group around the bull and edged Tim out for best score.


Danny brought out a new shooter, Ryan, and he shot very well with Danny’s S300.  He scored a very impressive 40/60 on his first try, but did not officially enter the match.  We are hoping that he will continue to shoot with us and become a regular.  He fit in well with everyone and helped with the pulling of the targets at the end.  He also showed he can shoot.


It was another great day to spend with friends and shoot Field Target.  I’m looking forward to the July match and the Canadian Championships in August.  Be sure to make that July match to get tuned up for the Championships.  There will be some good competition there, all looking to take home the hardware. 


Have fun shooting!

Tim MacSweyn



Shooter Gun Scope Pellet Score /58
1) Tim MacSweyn ld/SS Bushnell 36X CP 10.5          59
2) Robert Barton ZMLG100 FT Bushnell 8-32X CP 10.5          53
3) Bert Habicher AA 300s Simmons 6.5-20X Baracuda          50
4) Dennis Eden  CR97SE Leupold 18-40X CP 10.5          48
5) Danny Reginato TX200 Tasco 8-40X FT  Trophy          44
6) George Harde Diana 54 Bushnell 8-32X FT  Trophy          31
7) Hans Bormann Pro Target Leupold 18-40X Baracuda          28
    Ryan Zahra AA S300 Bushnell 6-24X Air Arms        *40

* Did not count for score