Waterloo field Target Club Match – July 14, 2002

July 14, 2002 Dean


By match time, the temperature was well into the 80s and topped out at about 88°F in the afternoon.  Unfortunately only 7 shooters made it to the match due to holidays, gun problems and illness.  For those who did make it, there was a challenging match set out for them.  According to the Troyer scale, the course difficulty was 34.1, average kill zone was .9”,  average distance was 27 yards and the overall hit percentage was 67%.  Plans are under way to have a good variety of shots at the Canadian Nationals that will challenge the best and allow for decent scores by all.


            By match time at 11:00 AM, the wind was just starting to move a little and it picked up during the match to make shots more challenging, especially the longer ones past 30 yards.  The top 3 or 4 shooters had most of their dropped shots on the longer targets.  All of the top 4 missed our 42 yard, .625” kill that was set at the end of a dark tube.  The target was in the shade and the shooters were in bright sunlight.  The difficulty rating was 84 and there was one hit, by the first shooter who could see the florescent paddle; after that it was a guessing game.


Will was trying to set his scope up during the match and missed the first shot quite often and would pick up the second shot based on where the first hit.  Noel, with his 4X scope was guessing fairly often.  Hans worked the bugs out of his rig and shot well to place third.  Dennis had some problems on the windy lanes, but mowed everything else down to place second.  Tim missed the long ones as well, but managed to hold on and edge in for first.


For next month’s Nationals, we have 24 bush lanes and 6 field lanes ready.  We will shoot the 60 shot red course on Saturday and 60 more shots on the white course on Sunday to complete the 120 shot match.  We are hoping all of our regular shooters will attend and look forward to greeting the US shooters who are making the trip to compete for the title.  Don’t forget to have the scope clicks for 65 and 75 yards for our fun shoot on Saturday, happening after the 60 shot FT course is done and we have had something to eat.


See you next month. 

Tim MacSweyn



Shooter Gun Scope Pellet Score /58)*
1) Tim MacSweyn ld/SS Bushnell 36X CP 10.5          53
2) Dennis Eden NJC100 Nightforce Baracuda          50
3) Hans Bormann Pro Target Leupold 18-40X Baracuda          47
4) Bert Habicher AA 300s Simmons 6.5-20X Baracuda          44
5) George Harde TX200 Bushnell 8-32X FT  Trophy          36
6) Will Kwan TX200 HC Burris 8-32X Baracuda          22
7) Noel Sedman AA s300 No Name 4X CP 7.9          17

* One target was pulled from the match