Waterloo Field Target Club Match October 19, 2003

October 19, 2003 Dean

Waterloo Field Target Club Match  October 19, 2003


                Our October match was great fun and a source of encouragement for the new shooters who attended and for the future of the club.  We had eighteen shooters competing in four categories.  There were seven junior shooters competing in the Junior Hunter class, four adults in the Hunter class, four PCP shooters and four spring shooters.  The weather was fine for this time in October, with light winds and the temperature hovering between fourty-five and fifty degrees.  The ground was covered with leaves and the trees were still in fine colour.

                The course was set up a little different to accommodate the different classes of shooters.  Each lane had three targets, the first target being shot at by only the hunter classes.  These targets were between ten and fifteen yards and featured large kill zones.  The second target did double duty as the second target for the hunter class and the first target for the two regular field target classes.  The last and longest target was shot only by the regular field target classes.  The field target class was shot and scored pretty well the same as always.  The hunter classes received a point for a hit on the first target and zero for a miss.  On the second target however, they scored a full point for a hit, a half point for hitting metal and zero for a complete miss.  This scoring system worked out quite well and resulted in some fine scores.

                I was impressed by all of the shooters in the junior hunter class, who demonstrated safe handling of their guns and a good attitude towards the sport.  The junior shooters all shot in squads with adults and experienced shooters.  Josh Jackson and Zack Harde, who have some experience shooting at the club, really shot well and scored impressive totals to take first and second respectively.  All of the other junior shooters experienced the thrill of watching a target go down after a good shot.  It is hard to explain that feeling; you just have to do it to know.  In the hunter class, Jon Walls, with his CO2 2240, shot an impressive 43.5/60 to win first.  Ron Jackson was close behind with a 41 and Peter Picket rounded out the class.  I think Peter was having a great time watching his kids have a great time.

                In the regular field target classes, Mike scored a 52/60 to edge out Don by just one point.  Magdy and Dennis tied for the third spot.  Dennis started out the day with his TX200Sr, but experienced scope problems and had to finish the match with his Anshutz.  George showed us all how to do it in the spring class, recording the high score of 44/60.  Danny edged me out by one point to take second.  James, who is a good shooter, had some issues with his gun that he hopes to resolve for the next match.  James was fortunate enough to have his dad and sons compete in this match as well.  This made me feel good, so they must have been thrilled to spend a day together shooting airguns.

                It was a great day and I hope the new shooters will continue to enjoy this sport and become regulars at the matches.  I would like to thank George for all the work he did to promote the hunter class and for looking after the set-up of the fifteen close targets.  Thanks also to Bert and Dennis who set up five lanes each.  It was good to see Hans before the match and I’m sure he is in everyone’s thoughts and prayers.  We hope to see Hans at the Christmas match, well on his way back to good health.  The match/gift exchange is scheduled for December 14, 2003.  I hope to see you all there.

                                                                                                                                                                Tim MacSweyn



Shooter Gun Scope Pellet Score /60
     Junior Hunter Class
1) Josh Jackson Slavia 631 Bushnell CPL         43.5
2) Zack Harde Diana 24 BSA 2-7X CPL         39.5
3) Eric Weir Baikel MNK38 Iron CZ Diabolo         24.5
4) Jordan Jackson Diana 70 Iron Peep JSB         22.5
5) Kody Pickett Slavia/Beeman Iron/Fixed 4X CZ Diabolo         15.5
6) Phipip Drews Slavia 630 Iron JSB         13
7) Wes Pickett Beeman/Slavia Fixed 4X/Iron CZ Diabolo         11
     Hunter Class
1) Jon Walls Crosman 2240 Bushnell 3-9 JSB         43.5
2) Ron Jackson Slavia 630 Hawkey 4X CPL         41
3) Peter Pickett Slavia 631 Iron CZ Diabolo         15
     Field Target PCP
1) Mike Ferrara NJR100 Leupold 18-40 Baracuda         52
2) Don Irvine Steyr FT Deben 8.5-34 CPH         51
3) Magdy Hassouna Steyr FT Deben 10-50 CPH         41
3) Dennis Eden Anshutz 2025 Leupold Baracuda         41
     Field Target Spring
1) George Harde TX200 Bushnell 8-32 JSB         44
2) Danny Reginato TX200 Tasco 8-40 Air Arms         32
3) Tim MacSweyn TX200 Bushnell 6-24 JSB         31
4) James Jackson HW97K Bushnell 8-32 JSB         14