Waterloo field Target Club Match May 16, 2004

May 16, 2004 Dean

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            It sure was great to be back out on the course knocking down targets again.  The first match of the season drew a healthy contingent of twelve shooters.  For a match in mid May, the weather was close to ideal, with the temperature between sixty and seventy degrees, low humidity and variable wind.  I hope it was a foreshadowing of things to come.

            The course had a large range of difficulty and averaged out to 33.1 on the Troyer difficulty scale.  One target had to be pulled due to a spring that caught on the target and made its function very unpredictable.  The match was out of fifty-eight instead of our usual sixty shots.

            At the break, after shooting thirty-two shots, there were many close scores.  There was quite a bunch having missed three to five shots.  After the break, Robert continued to shoot well and ended up the overall winner, with a score of 53/58.  Robert made the decision at about 3:00 AM to make the drive down to the match from Eastern Ontario.  He was glad he did and so were the rest of us.  Dennis placed second with a score of 51 and I managed third with a score of 50.  There did seem to be a bit of rustiness after the winter break for most shooters, but it sure was nice to be shooting again. 

            The course was set up by seven people, taking care of anywhere from two to three and a half lanes.  That sure made the set-up and tear-down much quicker and easier.  More people getting involved in the setting up of the course is a good sign for the future and ensures the course will have variety from match to match.  Thanks to all who helped.

            Our next match will be on Sunday June 27, 2004 and we hope to have just as many or more shooters.  So get those rigs set up perfectly, be sure all the rust is gone and we will go back at it at the end of June.


                                                                                                Tim MacSweyn




**Set up lanes

Shooter Gun Scope Pellet Score /58

T-Diff 34.2

1) Robert Barton ZM Steyr Bushnell 8-32 CPH 53
2) Dennis Eden** ld/SS 05 Deben 10-50 CPH 51
3) Tim MacSweyn** ld/SS 04 Deben 10-50 CPH 50
4) Doug Diver Anshutz2025 Leupold 18-40 CPH              *49
4) Mike Ferarra** NJR100 Leupold 18-40 Baracuda              *49
6) Don Irvine** Steyr FT Deben 10-50 CPH 46
7) Magdy Hassouna Steyr FT Deben 10-50 Baracuda 40
8) George Harde** HW 97 Deben 6.5-26 Beeman FTS 37
9) Hans Bormann** AA410 Bushnell 8-32 Baracuda 36
10) Will Kwan TX200 HC Burris 8-32 CPL 23
11) Bill Horodecky Pro Target Bushnell 6-18 .22 CP 22
12) Noel Sedmann** Huntsman 4X CPH 12

* Left as a tie