Waterloo field Target Club Match – June 27, 2004

June 27, 2004 Dean


          What a day for field target!  The temperature hovered around 70° F and the humidity was low.  The wind was nice to keep us cool, but hitting targets was another matter.  It was pretty steady around 15 mph, but gusts of over 30 mph were not uncommon.  If you guessed the hold correctly, it sure was fun to see the long targets fall.  If you watched your pellet cross the kill-zone and hit the edge, it took a little of your feeling in control away.  The Troyer difficulty was at the 31.5 mark, but it sure seemed tougher.

          After the first eight lanes, or 32 shots, there was a good group having dropped only two to four shots.  Dennis, Don, George and I were all very close.  The lanes that featured 54, 50 and 49 yard shots in the wind seemed to make the difference in the end.  Dennis, Don and George had difficulty on some of these long gusty shots, while I somehow stumbled through all the long ones.  Dennis took third with a 52, Don took second with a 53 and I managed a 56 to win the day.  Don continues to improve every match; great shooting.  Overall, I was quite impressed by the scores on such a windy day.

          There were six people in all that set up lanes and everyone helped with set-up or tear-down or both.  It took the pressure off and made for a good day for all involved.  I hope we will be able to continue this practice in order to spread the load evenly and insure that the course varies for each match.  Thanks to everyone for helping out.

          The next match will be on Sunday, July 11th, just two short weeks away.  This will be the tune-up match for the Canadian Nationals on the 14th and 15th of August.  I hope everyone is able to make it for another great day of shooting pellets and the breeze.  (Pun intended)

                                                                             Tim MacSweyn

Shooter Gun Scope Pellet Score /60

T-Diff 31.5

1) Tim MacSweyn ld/SS 04 Deben 10-50 CPH 56
2) Don Irvine Steyr FT Deben 10-50 Baracuda M 53
3) Dennis Eden ld/SS 05 BSA 10-50 CPH 52
4) Bert Habitcher AA s300 Simmons 6.5-20 Baracuda 49
5) George Harde HW 97 Deben 6.5-26 CPL 46
6) Danny Reginato AA s300 Bushnell 8-32 Air Arms 45
7) MikeFerrara Harrier B&L 6-24 Baracuda 44
8) Hans Bormann AA 410 Leupold 18-40 Baracuda M 40
9) Will Kwan TX200 HC Burris 8-32 CPL 15