Canadian National Field Target Championship August 14th & 15th, 2004

August 15, 2004 Dean
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            Another Canadian field target championship is in the books.  The weatherman came through for us, calling for low seventies, light winds and sunshine, and delivering just that for both days.  It was about as close to ideal as possible.  We set up sixty targets on twenty lanes and shot the odd number lanes which made up the Red course on Saturday and the white course consisting of the even number lanes on Sunday.  The Troyer difficulty on the red course was 29 and on the White course it was 31.  There were a lot of small holes on the white course shot Sunday and two standing lanes.  I was very pleased that the targets functioned flawlessly and not one cold line was needed.            Saturday’s scores were quite good, with over half of the shooters scoring 50+ and Dennis leading the field at 59/60.  Don Irvine and I were close on his heals with 58 and George Hamilton next with 55.  We had a fun match on the 100 yard range, shooting at a wildcat, paper target placed at 65 yards.  We had five shots to place as close together as possible in the ten ring (one inch), which we had to remember from seeing the Plexiglas scoring template.  George Hamilton placed all five shots in the ten ring, I’m sure in less than a minute, to win a fun prize made up by Hans.  We then ate our fill of pizza and sat around catching up on what everyone had been doing.  We even broke out a few new guns on the 100M range and had a blast putting a lot of lead downrange.

            On Sunday we started a little earlier and were wrapped up by about three in the afternoon.  Dennis and Don flipped scores with Dennis winning by one on Saturday and Don winning by one Sunday.  They had 114/120 each, which equaled a SHOOTOUT!  Finally on the third shot, Don missed one and Dennis took the target down to claim the title of Canadian Champion.  George Hamilton shot a great score of 57 on Sunday to take third and scored 112 for the match.  I followed George, back one point and Mike rounded out the top five with 106 for the match.  Noel, looking through a Nightforce scope on an NJR100 lent to him by George Hamilton, had an impressive score on Sunday.

            At the awards, everyone received at least one prize and most ended up with two.  George Hamilton was also presented with the Top Senior award.  After some group pictures we did the tear down, shot the breeze for a while and slowly people started heading for home.  We enjoyed a lot of good shooting and some laughs as well.  Some of our regular participants were unfortunately unable to make it this year and we missed them.  We hope to see them at next year’s championship.

            Special thanks to all who set up their targets or helped with setup and teardown.  This great cooperation makes this match easier and more enjoyable for everyone.  For most of our shooters, I’ll see you next month, for others, I’ll see you next year.  Take care and keep spreading the word about field target. 


Name Rifle Scope Pellet Red






1 Dennis Eden** Ld/SS #5 Deben 10-50 CPH 59 55 114*
2 Don Irvine** Steyr FT Deben 10-50 Baracuda M 58 56 114*
3 George Hamilton Ripley Hakko 8-40 CPH 55 57 112
4 Tim MacSweyn** Ld/SS #4 Deben 10-50 CPH 58 53 111
5 Mike Ferrara** NJR100 Leup 18-40 Baracuda M 52 54 106
6 Bert Habitcher AA300 Simm 6.5-20 Baracuda M 54 48 102
7 Danny Reginato AA300 Bushnell8-32 Air Arms 47 45 92
8 George Harde** HW-97 Deben 6.5-26 FTS 47 43 90
9 Hans Bormann** AA410 Leup 18-40 Baracuda M 35 40 75
10 Doug Diver Walther Dom. Leup14.4-35 Baracuda M 39 35 74
11 Noel Sedman NJR100 NightforceFT CPH DNS 46 46
12 Magdy Hassouna Steyr FT Deben 10-50 BaracudaM 45 DNS 45

                                                                                                                                                                By Tim MacSweyn

*Settled by shootoff

**Set up lanes with their own targets