Waterloo Field Target Club Christmas Fun Match December 5, 2004

December 5, 2004 Dean

Waterloo Field Target Club

Christmas Fun Match December 5, 2004

By Tim MacSweyn

            A dozen shooters made it out to our annual Christmas match, which included some fun shooting, a gift exchange, a pizza meal and some hot drinks along with conversation.  It was cool and breezy, but not bad for December in Ontario.

            The indoor match consisted of four events that challenged the shooters in different ways.  Five plastic soldiers were set up at 20 yards and we did some sniping off the bench.  Not many soldiers survived that event. Half the shooters managed to clear that event.  Chalk was set up, ten in a row with about a half to three quarters of an inch sticking up out of holes in an angle iron and they were dusted from the bench.  One of my favourites is the moving targets consisting of nine pieces of chalk rotating and coming above the wall by that same one half to three quarters of an inch.  You have to see them come into view and pick them off on the move.  It is great fun and a challenge to release that trigger at the right instant nine times in a row.  No one managed to get all nine, but Bert and I managed to turn eight of them into dust.  The last indoor event was offhand shooting at a Terrorist target with a three quarter inch, square kill-zone set at fifteen yards.  That was a humbling experience for most of us, but Bert did manage to take it down four times.

            The outdoor shoot was a four lane, twenty-four shot field target course.  The temperature was just above freezing and the wind was pretty steady from eight to ten miles per hour.  It made for some challenging shooting, but Don managed to take them all down, except one shot on one of Dennis’ nasty small kill-zone targets, on his last lane.

            We made a lot of pizza disappear that afternoon and everyone picked a toy replica gun, which Hans provided, from off the Christmas tree.  We chose wrapped gifts from the table, going up in the order of finish.  Of course, everyone that brought a gift got a gift, so order didn’t really matter.  Thanks to Will who sent a multi-tool as a gift which Don was happy to take home for winning the FT portion of the match and tying for the top spot for the day.

            James and George brought their sons, Josh and Zack out for the day and George also brought his father-in-law, John to shoot for the first time.  It was a tough day for a first timer, that’s for sure; it was cold outside and you needed precision inside.

            We will probably meet again in late April or early May for a clean-up and then get back to competition later in May.  Have a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday.

* coin flip  ** left as tie   DNP – Did not participate   DNF – Did not finish

Shooter Gun Sniper Chalk Chalk M Offhand Field T Total
1) Tim MacSweyn Ld/SS 04 5 10 8 2 21 46*
2) Don Irvine Steyr FT 5 10 5 3 23 46*
3) Dennis Eden Anshutz2025 5 10 6 3 16 40
4) George Harde FWB 124 5 8 4 1 16 34
5) Magdy Hassouna Steyr FT 4 10 4 1 14 33**
6) James Jackson HW97K 4 6 5 1 17 33**
7) Josh Jackson HW97K 3 6 5 1 13 28
8) Bert Habitcher AA s300 5 10 8 4 DNP 27
9) Danny Reginato TX200 5 10 3 3 DNP 21
10) Hans Bormann HW100 3 7 7 0 DNP 17
11) Zack Harde Diana 46 4 5 2 0 1 12
12) John MacEwan Archer 88 1 DNF