Waterloo Field Target Club Match II – June 12, 2005

June 12, 2005 Dean




            We had ten shooters show up to enjoy a day of Field Target shooting.  In the forecast, there was a chance of thunder showers, but they never materialized and we had a great day.  It was hot and humid, with gusty winds, but after the winter, I’m not complaining.

            We set up ten lanes, with three targets in each lane for a total of sixty shots.  All the targets functioned well and the Troyer difficulty rating was 29.1, with all difficulty levels represented.  Lane eight had an average difficulty rating of 49.7, but was balanced by a lane with an average difficulty of seventeen.  It was good for veterans and beginners.

            Chris Daniel was a new shooter who managed to knock down a very respectable sixteen targets with a .22 QB and a 6-9 power scope.  That’s almost double my score for my first match. 

            Some shooters had obligations after the match and shot straight through and others took a break half way through, so I had no idea how people were doing until the match was done.  I felt pretty steady all day and managed to miss just two and post the high score for the day.  The next three shooters were lined up with just one point separating each shooter.  Dennis took second with a 56, Don took third with a 55 and Bert shot a 54 for fourth place.  James shot a very impressive 48 with his HW97K and as he put it, won the spring class.  Magdy started out very strong, but some accuracy issues in the second half pulled down what would have been an excellent score. Hans shot his HW100 for the first time and did well and Josh continues to improve with each match.  Will had just put his TX200 back together before the match after replacing a bad spring, so as it smoothes out, I hope his scores will rise.

            I am hoping that in July all the regulars will be able to make it and the new shooters will come again out to enjoy this great sport with us.  Hope to see all of you on the 17th of July.

Tim MacSweyn


**Set up lanes.  Thank you!

Shooter Gun Scope Pellet Score /60

T-Diff 29.1

1) Tim MacSweyn** ld/SS 04 Deben 10-50 CPH 58
2) Dennis Eden** Anshutz 2025 Leupold 35 Baracuda 56
3) Don Irine Steyr FT Deben 10-50 Baracuda 55
4) Bert Babitcher AA s300 Simmons 6.5-20 Baracuda              54
5) James Jackson** HW97K Hawke 8.5 – 34 JSB Exact 48
6) Magdy Hassouna** Steyr FT Deben 10-50 Baracuda 39
7) Hans Bormann** HW100 Leupold 18-40 Baracuda 30
8) Josh Jackson HW97K Hawke Varmint JSB 28
9) Will Kwan TX200HC Burris 8-32 CPL              26
10) Chris Daniel QB78 Xisco 6-9 Chinese .22              16