Waterloo Field Target Club September 18 2005

September 18, 2005 Dean

Waterloo Field Target Club    September 18, 2005

Sept 18 009

            We had an absolute, made to order, late summer day.  The temperature was in the mid seventies, with a very light breeze and the humidity was down.  Perfect!  The turnout was good, as twelve field target shooters took part and four hunter class shooters.

            We set up the field target course on fifteen lanes with two targets per lane and two shots per target.  The hunter course targets were set on the same lanes, with one target per lane, placed between ten and twenty yards and three shots were taken at each target.  The total for the FT course was sixty and fourty-five for the hunter course.  We scored the hunter course with one point if the target fell and a half point for a face hit.  We had a few problems with targets and all shooters were simply awarded hits on those targets.

            In the hunter class, all scores were quite impressive.  Jordan Jackson was as steady as a rock and took top prize, followed by Sean McEwan who I had the pleasure of shooting with.  Lisa hard shot an impressive score using iron sights and Chris Drews made a very good showing in his first match.

            In the PCP field target division, Mike shot near perfect for first place, Don Irvine was only a shot behind and Magdy rounded out the top three, also with an excellent score.

            Danny Reginato was the top shooter in the piston field target class, followed by George Harde and James Jackson.  Josh Jackson and Zach Harde show improvement with every match they shoot.  Shooters are looking over their shoulders at these two already.

            We have one more regular sixty shot match on October 16th and are hoping for some great fall weather.  I am looking forward to a great turnout for our season finale.

Tim MacSweyn

*Set up lanes.  Thank you!

Shooter Gun Scope Pellet Score /60

T-Diff 28

PCP FT Class
1) Mike Ferrara* AA NJR Leupold 18-40 Baracuda M 59
2) Don Irvine* Steyr FT Deben 10-50 Baracuda M 58
3)Magdy Hassouna* Steyr FT Deben 10-50 Baracuda M 54
4) Dennis Eden* Anshutz2025 Leupold 35 Baracuda M 52
5) Doug Diver WaltherDom Leupold 14-35 Baracuda M 47
6)Tim MacSweyn* HW100 Hawke 4-16 CP .22 29
7) Hans Bormann* HW100 Leupold 18-40 Baracuda M DNF
Piston FT Class
1) Danny Reginato TX200 Tasco 8-40 FT Trophy 48
2) George Harde* TX200 Hawke 6-20 JSB 45
3) James Jackson HW97K Deben 8.5-34 JSB 42
4) Josh Jackson HW97 Varmint JSB 40
5) Zach Harde HW97 Hawke 6-26 FTS 38
Hunter Class
1) Jordan Jackson Diana 70 Hawke 4X JSB 44.5
2) Sean McEwan Slavia 631 Hawke 4X CPL 37
3) Lisa Harde Diana 26 Iron sights CPL 30.5
4) Chris Drews Slavia 631 ? Diabolo Master 27