Waterloo Field Target Club Christmas Fun Match Dec 2005

December 4, 2005 Dean

Waterloo Field Target Club

Christmas Fun Match December 4, 2005

By Tim MacSweyn

            Fourteen shooters showed up for our Christmas match and had a great time.  The temperature stayed between 25 and 28 degrees and light snow showers propelled by a steady breeze provided the wind meter for holdover information. 

We swept the snow off the platforms and twelve of the fourteen took part in the outdoor, field target portion of the match.  The outdoor match consisted of thirty shots on fifteen targets, with a range from 7 to 70 in difficulty.

            The indoor match consisted of five events, including bench shooting of stationary and moving targets and some offhand shots, all set between 18 and 20 yards.  Five very small plastic soldiers were set up at 18 yards for some mini sniping.  Chalk was set up, ten in a row with about a half to three quarters of an inch sticking up out of holes in an angle iron and they were dusted from the bench.  Moving targets consisted of nine pieces of chalk rotating and coming above the wall for a brief time as they hit the top of the arc.  You had to pick them off on the move and got ten shots to clear the nine pieces of chalk, with a bonus point if you only used nine shots.  The offhand shooting consisted of five shots at a paper target at 20 yards, scoring two points for a hit in the inner circle and one for a hit within the outer circle.  The newest event was created by Bert using a vacuum cleaner to provide the lift for a Styrofoam ball floating and bouncing in the air.  You had up to five shots to hit it and scored five points for a hit on the first shot, but you lost a point for every extra shot it took to hit it.

            We had lunch at 1:00 PM and finished up the shooting events at about 3:00.  Anyone who brought a gift chose a gift from under the tree.  Field targets made by Hans were presented to the guys who attended at least five of the six matches during the season and spinners were presented to the next three who attended the most matches.  Pocket knives were presented as a bonus to the three people who had perfect attendance during the season.

            The results below have shooters listed alphabetically, as we did not declare any winners, since it was just for a fun get-together before the winter break.  Thanks to everyone who participated in this match and all of the matches this season.  I’m looking forward to another great season next year.

* First time shooter       DNP – Did not participate in outdoor FT event  

Shooter Gun Sniper




Chalk M




Floating Ball     /5 Field T


Hans Bormann HW100 5 9 5 3 5 DNP
Dennis Eden CR97SE 5 10 3 8 5 24
Mike Ferrara NJR100 5 10 8 9 5 26
Bert Habicher AA s300 5 9 6 2 4 22
George Harde Slavia/HW97 5 6 7 1 5 18
Zack Harde Diana 46 3 8 3 1 5 17
Magdy Hassouna Steyr FT 5 10 7 5 5 16
Don Irvine Steyr FT 5 10 5 5 5 26
James Jackson HW97K 5 9 7 1 5 20
Josh Jackson HW97K 5 8 6 3 5 20
Tim MacSweyn Ld/SS 04 5 10 10 7 5 30
Danny Reginato AA300s 5 9 6 3 5 DNP
Mark Priebe ? 1 1 0 2 1 8
Franz Tschoegl* Slavia 1 1 1 2 1