Burlington Field Target Results for February 13, 2011

February 13, 2011 Dean

Burlington Field Target Results for February 13, 2011

Burlington Field Target

Results for February 13, 2011

Seventeen men, all infected to varying degrees with cabin fever, headed to the Burlington Range on Sunday February 13th for a booster shot to fight off this dreaded menace. For myself, I feel the disease has taken a severe blow and I am now confident I will make it to spring in sound mind, at least as sound as it was before the winter.

We had shooters in four classes, with a healthy number of Hunter and Open PCP participants and the WFTF classes lost a few to work commitments and weather conditions. The match was quite challenging, especially for the hunters who were restricted to 16X scopes and not allowed to range find. You had to be on your game for pretty well every target. The course difficulty was in the upper thirties on the Troyer scale.

We had two new shooters to the Burlington venue. Mike shot in his first FT match and Greg shot in his first match in quite a few years. Greg shot in Waterloo from the mid 90s to the year 2000 and came back for the Nationals for a couple years after that; it was great to have him back. Both shot well, with Mike finishing just out of the medals at 5th and Greg earning the fourth place medal. It was good to see Neil back with his 850 and Gord with his Avanti. John did well shooting a low power match gun with diopter sights. Tony managed to place third with his new TX200 and Sabin seems to have his HW97 set up well, placing second. Rob was the top hunter for the day.

The open PCP class provided some excitement, needing a shoot off to decide third and fourth place. Dennis E. and Dennis L. were tied at 41 and the nasty squirrel with the half-inch zone was used for the shoot-off. Dennis L. had set it up in lane one at around 27 yards and both of them knocked it down on the first attempt. Dennis L. missed his second shot, but Dennis E. knocked it down again to claim third place. Magdy, who has been shooting his P70 really well lately, took second place and Don only missed one to take first.

The WFTF Piston class had two shooters in it, but work commitments kept one of them from attending. The remaining shooter, Tom, was truly in a class by himself and took first place. His TX malfunctioned early and he shared Sabin’s HW97 hunter rig to shoot the FT class. He did quite well considering.

Three shooters were entered in the WFTF class before an unexpected snow event overnight prevented one from attending that normally drives four hours from the Windsor area to attend these matches. That left Ted and I and we were close. I was fortunate enough to edge Ted out by two shots to place first and Ted took second.

Thanks to all who set up targets and a very big thanks to everyone that helped with pulling targets and clean up. That certainly was the fastest clean up I have been a part of.

After activities were over at the club, ten of us headed to a restaurant for some food and conversation. That is always a great way to wind down and catch up with everyone.

Thanks to all that attended and Range Burlington for letting us use this great venue. I hope to see even more at the Pistol FT match on Sunday, April 10th at Burlington. Get those pistol rigs dialed in.

Tim MacSweyn