Port Colborne Field Target Club Results for September 10, 2011

September 10, 2011 Dean

Port Colborne Field Target Club Results for September 10, 2011

Port Colborne Field Target Club

Results for September 10, 2011

Traditionally, the matches later in the season have featured some excellent weather and this was certainly not an exception. The temperature made it up to mid seventies and there was a very light breeze, an ideal day for a walk in the woods. We still managed to have 17 in attendance even though we were missing quite a few regulars who were unable to attend. The difficulty seemed higher than the August match, but actually came out exactly the same at 32.7.

The hunter division was once again the largest division with seven adults and one junior. The competition was certainly tough, with the top three finishers all over 90/120. In his second match, Jordan scored an amazing 100 to take top stop, followed by Tom at 95 and Marshall taking third with a 91. Greg pulled in at fourth, shooting his Condor very well and was followed closely By Chris H, Chris M, and Drew who were only a few shots apart.

Braden absolutely dominated his class to take top honours in junior. Shooting this gun for the first time, he would have been tough to beat even if other juniors would have attended.

Open PCP featured a repeat battle between Don and Len, with Don taking the top spot. Luc stepped up to shoot the FT class and certainly did extremely well in his first match in this division. Once Dennis found his zero on a gun he was trying for the first time, he started knocking lots of targets down. Next time.

Chris and I were very close again in the WFTF PCP, but he edged me out by one shot this time to take the top spot. Joel continues to get use to his EV2 and his scores have been steadily on the rise. Mike stepped up to this FT class and shot an amazing 40/60 on his first try. In no time, Mike and Joel will be taking home medals in the FT class.

Ted was the lone piston shooter at this match and did very well. Many of us are prepping for the US Nationals in October, so it was a good day of practice for Ted and the others as well.

Thanks to everyone who attended and those who set up targets or assisted in the set up.

Upcoming events include the Pistol FT match on September 17th at Port, the rifle match on October 1st at Port, the US nationals on October 15th and 16th in Tennessee and finally the Annual Elmer Fudd Hunter Match will be on November 5th at Port.

Keep shooting and having fun and I hope to see a great many of you in the next couple of months. Take care.

Tim MacSweyn