Port Colborne Field Target Club Results for November 5, 2011

November 5, 2011 Dean

Port Colborne Field Target Club Results for November 5, 2011

Port Colborne Field Target Club
Results for November 5, 2011

Fourth Elmer Fudd Annual Hunter Match
On a beautiful clear morning, I arrived at the club shortly after 8:00AM to find the
grounds coated in a thick layer of frost. The temperature was up to about 38 degrees by then and the
forecast promised a great, if not real warm, day ahead. I think it made it up to about 50 degrees later in
the day, which is a real nice November day up here. We had 31 shooters participate this year, with
twenty shooting in PCP class, eight in Piston class and three juniors.

The course consisted of 17 lanes set up with two targets in each lane. We had 15 regular lanes
where you shoot as you choose, one standing only lane and one kneeling lane. Sixty-eight shots,
scored for hunter, meant that the top score possible was 136. Although the course difficulty was not
calculated, I would estimate it to have been between 30 and 32 on the T-Scale, making it a more
difficult match than the Fudd matches for the past three years..

In the junior class, we had a few less than expected due to some last minute circumstances.
Gillian shot a very good match to take the top junior spot. It was great to see Clay again and Samuel,
who shot in his very first match and they both performed well.

It worked out to be a great choice to separate the Piston and PCP class in this year’s hunter
match. We had eight shooters in the Piston class and some excellent scores. George had an
outstanding day shooting his TX and claimed first place. The next three spots went in order to Tom P.,
Ted and Jeff, all shooting break barrel spring guns. Congratulations to all the piston shooters for taking
part in this class, which was offered for the first time in Canada. It certainly looks like it will not be the
last time.

Twenty shooters competed in the PCP class with some phenomenal scores. Chris only lost one
point on the woodpecker in a tree on lane 17, where the wind was the strongest on the course. Chris
placed on top of this class, followed closely by Bill and Don. Len and Dennis L. rounded out the top
five in this class.

To keep with the tradition of the Fudd match, we had a very large pot of chili, lots of Italian
bread and butter, with a large plate of cookies to top it off. It was nice to sit around and talk with so
many people. James, Alex, Endi and Samuel were all attending their first match and not only did well
but seemed to enjoy themselves as well.

After the meal, a few did some more shooting on the sight-in range, which we finally
dismantled just before dark.

Many thanks go to Dennis E., Chris N., Don and Tom P. for setting up targets for the match and
to Dennis, Tom and Jeff for even pulling my targets up at the end of the match. I am grateful for all
that attended and the made the whole match day one to remember.

Now we are waiting to hear about the winter indoor schedule at Burlington so we can mark our
calendars and make sure we are able to attend. As soon as Don arranges a match with John, I will get
the word out. We are also considering a winter outdoor match at Port, but plans are still tentative and I
will let you know when final decisions have been made.

Keep those rifle and pistol rigs in good order and we will be back at it before you know it. Stay

Tim MacSweyn