Port Colborne Field Target Club Results for May 26-2012

May 26, 2012 Dean

Port Colborne Field Target Club Results for May 26-2012

Port Colborne Field Target Club

Results for May 26, 2012


By Mac

What a great way to start a new outdoor season. Weather was made to order, 24 shooters showed up and we had a good challenging match to chip the rust off from the offseason. Some shooters, including myself, had a lot more rust to chip than others. We had a 60 shot match on 15 lanes in the forest and the difficulty calculated out to 29 on the Troyer scale. The difficulty ranged from 13 to 54 and four or five lanes accounted for more than their share of missed shots.

The hunter group was made up of 13 adults and three juniors, including three first time shooters in the sport. Samuel’s scores continue to improve and the rivalry between Gillian and Braden is still on, with Gillian claiming the top spot in this match, followed by Braden. We will see what happens next month.

With thirteen adult hunters, there was great competition going on, especially from third to fifth place where scores were only separated by three points. Dan has his gun dialed in nicely ending up in third, followed by Marshall in fourth and Dennis L. in fifth. Only droping three shots on the day, Chris N. was the top hunter followed by Bill in second. Helga, Larry and Chantell were all competing for the first time and shot exceedingly well.

The Open PCP guys were on fire for this one and the scores show it. Len had one of those days where the pressure towards the end of the match is your biggest enemy. In spite of that, Len conquered the pressure and the course to score a perfect 60/60. Congratulations Len! There seemed to be an aversion to odd numbers in this class as Don scored a 58, Magdy a 56 and Dennis a 54 to complete the scoring. For the first match of the outdoor season, the bar seems to be set quite high.

The WFTF Piston class had a great match up but spring guns often decide who is going to win. George’s gun was dialed beautifully and stayed that way throughout, while Ted’s gun decided to throw some curves that had him chasing the zero from time to time. George scored a 51 with the rig he has been tweaking and setting up all winter, so I am sure the result was satisfying. Ted will get his gun back on track as he always does and be ready to go for the next one.

There ended up being only two of us in the WFTF PCP class and Salma had a very good match, scoring a 40/60. With Salma only shooting a match or two a season, I am thinking medals would start to come her way with a little more practice and match experience. After a rocky start, I was able to get more consistent in the last half of the match and managed to win the class.

Many thanks go to all who attended the match and special mention to those that helped set up lanes and the sight-in range. The more people that get involved, the less any one person has to do. It was a good team effort.

As is normally the custom, more shooting took place on the sight-in range in the late afternoon after the awards were presented. Between 5:00 and 6:00 PM, I pulled the last remaining targets on the lanes I set up and we headed to the fish & chip spot in Port that has become a real favourite after matches. After some great food and conversation, we all headed our separate ways at about 7:15 PM.

The next match at Port will be on Saturday, June 23rd, following the same timeline. I hope to see a good number of shooters again for that match.

Tim MacSweyn