Port Colborne Field Target Club June 29, 2013

June 29, 2013 Dean

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Results for June 29, 2013

With floods and torrential rain all around, the Port Club enjoyed a very nice day with moderate temperatures and very light wind. There were some wet spots on the trail due to the rain overnight, but shooting platforms were dry, even if they had a moat around them. Seventeen shooters showed up to enjoy the day and the difficulty rating for the course came out to 32.1T.
Our Hunter PCP class had the largest turnout, with two new field target shooters participating. Thomas, a junior shooter visiting from the US, was able to shoot quite well with a gun that was re-scoped minutes before the shooter’s meeting. Derek, a first time FT shooter, was able finish slightly ahead of Alex and Andrew. James, also a new FT shooter at Port, captured third place and Chris, whose scores continue to improve each match, placed second. Marshal seems to have his QB dialed in and took top honours. Tony’s Marauder magazine jammed on him after the first shot of the match and he was unable to complete the course, so we hope Tony can get that sorted out for the next match.
With a last minute cancellation in the hunter piston class, Larry took the top award, but his score was quite impressive in doing so. Hopefully the hunter piston guys will make it to the nationals.
The open pcp class was down to the three regulars, who pretty much shoot every match. Don was just one away from a perfect score, placing first in his division and had the top score for the match. Len edged out Dennis by a few points to take second.
It was great to see four WFTF piston shooters take part in this match. Jeff continues to get his rig dialed in and Mike had an outstanding day, placing third. Ted had a very strong showing, placing a couple points ahead of George to win the class. This is shaping up to be a very large and competitive class for the nationals, with perhaps 10 or more competitors.
After just one match, John made the switch over to WFTF pcp and posted a very respectable score for a first outing. Yours truly posted the top score to claim first.
Thanks to all who helped set up the match and all who attended.
We are now in the build up to the Nationals on July 27th and 28th and I am pleased to announce that we already have 30+ shooters committed to attend. With a few more to hear from for confirmation, this could be the best attendance we have had at a CAFTA Nationals or any Canadian field target match. With all the precipitation, the forest is very lush and the course is in great shape. Keep tuning those rigs and I look forward to seeing everyone at the end of the month.

Tim MacSweyn