Port Colborne Field Target Club September 14, 2013

September 14, 2013 Tim MacSweyn


Port Colborne Field Target Club

Results for September 14, 2013

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We were blessed with a real nice, sunny, late summer day, with temperatures in the mid sixties and light wind.  Eighteen shooters took part, including four shooters competing in their first match.  A bit of a surprise was the fact that eleven of the eighteen shooters were using piston guns.  At least at our club, there has been a bit of a trend towards the piston gun.  The course difficulty was not calculated, but if scores are any indication, this may have been the toughest match all year.

The hunter piston class involved five shooters, ranging from first timers to very experienced FT shooters.  Sid and Jack may have thought they were just along to observe, but the best way to see what it is all about is to get involved and that is what they both did.  Larry had a great day, taking top honours, followed by Marshall and Jay.  Both new shooters did well and I hope to see them again.

The hunter pcp class only had two participants, with Chris taking top honours with a very high score on this course and Tony finally got to finish a match with his new rifle.  I am sure we will see Tony’s scores rising fairly quickly.

We were fortunate enough to have Jack shoot with us, a new junior shooter.  Jack did very well with his lower powered piston gun and I overheard a bit of a celebration over a kneeling target that he knocked down.  Even the veterans are happy and sometimes relieved when they knock the kneeling targets down.  Good shooting, Jack.

When you see the top guys in the open pcp class dropping more than a couple of shots on a course, you pretty well know it was a tough one.  Len was able to take first, followed closely by Don.  Dennis was third and it was great to see Doug again to round out the scores.

The WFTF pcp class had two shooters, shooting identical guns.  James showed that he has been busy making accessories for his gun and also practicing.  James had high score, followed by John.

Five shooters were vying for the top spots in WFTF piston class and it turned out to be a pretty good race.  Ted and myself had a good first half and George, Tom and Mike had some difficulties.  Didn’t things turn around if the second half.  Ted and I started missing more than our share and I missed a little better than Ted did.  George and Tom picked it up and Tom ended up winning while George ended tied with Ted.  After a couple of shots in the tiebreaker, George took second place and Ted, third.  Mike and I were left to try to improve for the next one.

Thanks to all the guys who helped set things up and to all that participated in another fun day.  Our last official match of the outdoor season will be the Elmer Fudd, Hunter match on October 5th.  Looking forward to seeing a good number of shooters attend.

Tim MacSweyn