Season Opener- May 24th 2014 at Port

May 28, 2014 Dean

Season Opener- May 24th 2014 at Port



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I thought I would hitchhike on Dean’s post and include the results.

Thanks for the great pic, Dean and Deb.

Port Colborne Field Target Club
Results for May 24, 2014

We enjoyed an absolutely perfect day for a field target (FT) match. It was sunny and a light breeze made it very comfortable. One of the best things about the day was the fact that there were no mosquitoes or any other flying bugs. We had a 60 shot match, shot on ten lanes by 18 participants, including two new shooters. There was a lane each for standing and kneeling, the maximum 20% allowed according to the CAFTA rules. The match difficulty was 27.5 T, making for a good challenge on the first match of the outdoor season.
There were shooters in every class except Open Piston, so lots of awards were available to be won. The hunter pcp class had four shooters and some good competition. Aaron and Tim T. were both new shooters and did very well on their first try. The top two in the class shot together and Tony narrowly edged Chris out for his first win at Port. Congratulations, Tony!
Three competitors took part in the hunter piston class and it could not have been much closer. Marshall, Larry and John had scores of 86, 87 and 88 respectively, so that one slip or good shot did make a difference. You and your HW98 did great, John.
The open pcp class had the most shooters, at five, with all five scoring between 50 and 58. Competition was tough. Both Dennis and Don lost a few shots due to waiting a little too long before topping their guns up with air, landing them in fifth and third place respectively. Madgy shot a good solid match to end up fourth. An error in clicking resulted in Dean dropping two points on one of the easier close targets, which landed him in second place, one behind Len, who took the top spot and also had high score overall.
A group of four made up the WFTF piston class and they produced some impressive scores. I think Jeff finally has his rig complete for the Worlds and now has to get it and himself dialed in, this match being the first step. Joel brought out the heavy metal TX200 again and scored an impressive 38/60 on his first outdoor match in WFTF piston. We have come to expect a real battle between Tom and George, especially when they are partnered up for a match. The scores were close all day, but Tom created a little gap by the end and took top spot with a very high score of 51/60 followed closely by George with a 48/60.
Ted and I were a little lonely, with only two shooting in the WFTF pcp class. We were very close the halfway break, but Ted’s gun began sounding and shooting off the mark. He still managed to shoot a very respectable score in spite of the gun issues. I managed to take the top spot in the class, this time.
Many thanks to the guys who brought targets to set up and also to those that lent a hand at setup and tear down. The help is very much appreciated. I know Deb got some nice pictures; thanks and I hope she will get Dean to post a few on the forums for all to enjoy. The next Port match is on June 21st and it will be a tough one in preparation for the CAFTA Nationals. See you there.

Tim MacSweyn