Ontario Provincial Championship At Grenville F&G FT Club

August 21, 2017 Tim MacSweyn

Ontario Provincial Championship


Grenville F&G FT Club


The third match of the season at Grenville drew a very good contingent of shooters for the Provincial Championship.  We had shooters in Open PCP, Hunter Piston, Hunter PCP, WFTF Piston and WFTF PCP, for a total of 17 competitors.  They came in from Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Mississauga, Niagara, as far west as New Dundee, just west of Waterloo and areas between.  The match was 72 shots, on 18 lanes with two targets per lane.  There were some targets without reducers, but they were in the minority.  We do not presently have a lot of long shots on the course; so the difficulty is achieved through the use of reduced hit zones.


We started with some hardships, due to a misunderstanding of the location of the key for the equipment barn.  So the guys got together and created a sight-in range with the paper targets, cardboard, firewood and some tape.  We started a little late, which delayed the Gunslinger Challenge, but without the guys quick work, it could have been much worse.  Since I now have my own key to the barn, we will not run into that problem again.


The Gunslinger is a fun event and we had to adapt it a bit due to the fact that we only had seven targets to work with.  Dean happened to have those seven targets in his van and volunteered them for the match, since all the other targets were in the locked barn.  Thanks very much, Dean.  So we set up two lanes of three targets, side by side and then placed the seventh target in the centre.  They were set at 10, 20, 30 and 40 yards.  The one who cleared their three targets and then took the fourth one down first was the winner of that round.  There were some very close races, with one shooter watching as the final target fell just before they released the trigger.  In the end, Tom won the piston and Vitally the PCP in the final showdowns.  Great shooting guys.


The match started about a half hour late, so that was not too bad.  The only negative during the match was the Gamo targets having the paddle separate from the faceplate when the rivets loosened and fell out.  It is easy to fix, but when it happens too often, it slows things down.  There was some great shooting and socializing during the match and delays from target malfunctions became a bit of a natural event that prompted some visiting down the line and some laughs.  All targets will have the rivets replaced with stainless screws and lock bolts, so that problem should never reoccur.


The winners of the five classes were Dean in Open PCP, Ryan in Hunter PCP, Tony in Hunter Piston, Zach in WFTF Piston and yours truly (Tim) in WFTF PCP.


There was a shoot off between James and Vitally for second and third in WFTF PCP, since they tied with 58/72.  We used a paper target with each shooting at their own bullseye and the closest shot to the centre would be the winner.  In spite of the odds, a second shot was required to decide the winner.  On the second shot, which was over 30 yards on the open range, James placed his shot dead on the centre to win the shootout and in my opinion; under stressful circumstances, he made the shot of the day.


It was quite late at that point and unfortunately about half of the group, due to their circumstances, had to leave.  We cut the order of pizza in half and those that stayed enjoyed some really good pizza and conversation.


Many thanks to all that attended, those that pitched in to get the range up and running, those that cleaned up afterward and especially Ryan who ran the Gunslinger event and collected all my gear for me while I was running about.  Thanks to John Bradley and Deb for taking lots of pictures, which we all enjoy looking at over and over.  Thanks to the GF&GC for the use of their excellent facility.  Lastly, thanks to all that attended and made the day the success that it was.


The next match at Grenville is scheduled for Sunday, September 17th and it will be a regular 60 shot match.  We will be thinking of the Canadian FT Team over in Wales and wishing for them a safe, fun and successful trip.

Tim MacSweyn

Grenville Fish & Game Field Target Club

Ontario Provincial Championship

August 20, 2017

Results Chart

  Shooter Sc Gun Scope Pellet
  Open Division /72
  Open PCP
1  Dean Leite 66 Steyr LG110 Deben 10-50 H&N 10.6
WFTF Division
1  Tim MacSweyn 66 Steyr LG100 Falcon T-50 JSB 7.9
2 James Liu 58* Steyr LG110 Sightron 10-50 JSB 7.9
3 Vitaly 58* AA MPR FT 6 – 24 ?
4 Brian Wernham 53 FTP 900 Falcon T-50 AA 8.4
5  John Birch 41 AR20FT MTC JSB
6 John Bradley 41 AR20FT Hawke 10-50 JSB 8.4
7 Eldor Gemst 40 AA S400 Sightron JSB 8.4
8 Denis StJean 35 AA S400FT Hawke 6-24 JSB 8.4
  WFTF Piston
1 Zach Harde 64 HW97 Nikko JSB 8.4
2  George Harde 61 TX200 Sightron JSB 8.4
3 Tom Peretti 54 HW77K Leupold 45X JSB 8.4
4 Jeff Hemming 33 TX200 Sightron JSB 8.4
  Hunter Division /144
Hunter PCP
1 Ryan Landrey 136 AA MPR FT Sightron JSB 8.4
2 Rae Dorion 119 HW 100 Air Max 4-16 JSB 10.3
1 Tony Lau 101 HW97K 4-14 JSB 7.3
2 Dave Cunningham 79 TX200 Hawke 3-12 AA 8.4

* Shoot off