12th Annual Elmer Fudd, October 19th, 2019

October 20, 2019 Jeff Hemming

Match Report

Another Elmer Fudd, more simply known as the “the Fudd”, is in the books.  Big shout out to the Port Colborne & District Conservation Club for letting us use their wonderful facilities.

The day dawned cool, 4C, and misty with a clear sky and bright sunshine.  Or, in other words the start to a perfect day to be out on a FT course.  By 10:00 AM we had one our biggest turn outs for the Fudd ready and raring to go – 15 PCP shooters and 13 Springers!

 For those that are not familiar with the Fudd, it is our end of season gathering and is meant more as a fun shot than serious competition.  It is where we bring out the rigs that have sat in the closet or are kept for special shoots just like the Fudd.  All the kill zones are full size (thought this year, 1” crept in for some closer ones and the positionals) and Canadian Hunter rules are used.  It makes for a pile of fun with a big chili feast at the end.

The course was spectacular – the Fall colours were just settling in, the odd acorn fell from the oak trees, the wind stayed home and dappled sunlight light the forest.  The lighting did make for some challenges as the targets blending into the background and the shadows made finding some of them a trick.  The woodland course was 17 lanes with two targets each and each target was shot twice.  This meant a 68-shot course with a total of 136 points on offer!

Having said this was a fun shoot, things were very competitive.  We had three shoots offs! 

To make things a bit of fun we first had our chili feast.  Big shout out to Chris Holmes and Brian Wernham for cooking up a storm.  It was super tasty and definitely some welcome sustenance after being on the course for nearly four hours.  Then we had the shoot offs!  Kudos to everyone for doing it on such full bellies.

In the PCP division.  The first was for second place and was between Chris Nicolson and Joel Goodwin.  These two old hands made short work of it with Joel edging out Chris.  The second was for fifth and sixth.  This was an exciting one!  It was both Heather’s and Tony’s first shoot off! They kept their nerves in check and handled it like seasoned competitors.  After a couple of rounds Heather got the upper hand and clinched fifth.

In the Piston division we had a three-way tie for first between Brian Wernham, Ted Gibson and Tim MacSweyn.  Each shot a score of 124.  A bias here and shout out to the springers – these totals would have meant a three-way tie for fifth in PC and only five points out of first!  Great shooting! After an entertaining series of rounds it was sorted, and Tim took the top honours.

Thanks to Tom Peretti for the being the Match Director, Dennis Eden and the other lane setters for getting the course ready.  Biggest thanks are to everyone that came out and shot.  It was great to see everyone and appreciate the effort to travel from near and far (e.g., Ottawa and Windsor)

See everyone in the spring!

Results Chart

    Shooter Name      
    Hunter PCP Score/136    
  1 Larry Carroll 129 AA S400 MPR FT JSB 8.4
* 2 Joel Goodwin 127 AA S510 Ltd Edition JSB 13.4
* 3 Chris Nicolson 127 FX Royal 400 JSB 10.2
  4 Lanny Hann 125 Theoben Rapid CP 10.5
* 5 Heather Blain 119 AA S400 Xtra FAC JSB 10.3
* 6 Tony Lau 119 Walther Rotak JSB 8.4
  7 Geoff MacGregor 116 AA S510 CPH 10.5
  8 Larry Young 116 Benjamin Marauder Crosman 14.3
  9 Travis Cuppy 115 AA S510 XS AA 10.3
  10 Chris Holmes 113 Airforce Talon JSB 14.3
  11 Ashley Cuppy 112 AA S510 XS AA 10.3
  12 Peter Elsby 104 FX Streamline .22 Daystate Sovereign
  13 Bob Wall 100 CZ Gauntlet JSB 14.35
  14 Tony Moosie 97 Marauder .22 JSB 14.3
  15 James Sullivan 68 QB 78 Custom JSB 8.4
    Hunter Piston Score/136    
* 1 Tim MacSweyn 124 AA TX200 SR JSB 10.3
* 2 Brian Wernham 124 HW97 H&N FTT
* 3 Ted Gibson 124 AA TX200 JSB 8.4
  4 George Harde 122 AA Pro Sport JSB 8.4
  5 Jeff Hemming 119 AA TX200 JSB 8.4
  6 James Liu 118 HW97K JSB RS 7.9
  7 Marc Schelleau 114 AA TX200 CPL 7.9
  8 Tom Peretti 111   Diana 52H&N FTT  
  9 Dennis Eden 110 Theoben Imperator JSB 8.4
  10 Ryan Landry 97 Dianna 56 BM 10.6
  11 Tony Raposo 97 AA TX200 JS 8.63
  12 Danny Krautschek 63 Benjamin Classic .22 JSB 14.3
  13 Reg Landry 57 HW 50 JSB 8.4

October 19th, 2019

* Final position determined by shoot off