HAHA – Last Match for 2019 Season, November 10th, 2019

November 10, 2019 Jeff Hemming

HAHA Field Target Club                           

The last outdoor match for the Canadian FT season is in the books!  The day dawned grey and windy with the air temp reading -3C.  Seventeen hardy shooters showed up at the HAHA range for day worth of fun.  Shout out to Hamilton Anglers and Hunters Association (HAHA) for their great facilities!

The day did warm up to about 3C… thought with the wind blowing down the range into the shooting area it certainly didn’t feel like it did!  The shooters meeting kicked things off at 10 AM followed by forty-five minutes of sighting time.  Very glad to have the time to see how our guns would perform in the conditions.  The springers definitely appreciated it with some seeing shifts of 8 clicks and 1.5 mil dots.  Once sorted we got to have fun in the HAHA wind.

We shot seven lanes with four targets per lane and two shots per target.

At one point the wind was going left to right, then flowing into the middle and finally settled to coming straight down the range.  This made it really interesting for the close shots as we were seeing little mini leaf tornadoes dancing in random directions.  Chris H added to the fun by introducing his new “small: read “5/16” – kill zones at this match.  Had some of the .22 cal guys using their finest compliments for him (and everyone else for that matter).  Good to see you’re making more friends Chris 😊

A few cold fingers and three hours later we wrapped up.  Had everything back away in short order too.  Everyone was eager to get to some place warm!

Missed those that couldn’t make it.  Look forward to seeing you all in the spring.

Thanks to everyone that helped set up and take down.  Went super-fast and smooth.  Bigger thanks to Chris H and Brian W for organizing the day – it was a pile o’ fun!  And biggest thanks to everyone for showing up and have a great time.  Shout out to Randy, our first-time shooter.  Look forward to seeing you in the spring!

Results Chart

November 9, 2019                                          

Group Class Max Name Score Model
Hunter PCP 112 Peter Elsby 82  
Hunter PCP 112 Rae Dorion 77  
Hunter PCP 112 Bob Wal 76 Gauntlet
Hunter PCP 112 Chris Holmes 75 Concept
Hunter PCP 112 Larry Young 69 Marauder
Hunter PCP 112 John Moore 63 2240
Hunter Piston 112 Marc Shelleau 84 TX200
Hunter Piston 112 Joe 70  
Hunter Piston 112 Rob Gastle 68 124D
Hunter Piston 112 Mike L 65  
Hunter Piston 112 Randy * 48  
Open PCP 56 Colin
19 S510 FAC
WFTF PCP 56 Lanny Hann 41 TM1000
WFTF PCP 56 Tony Moosie 22  
WFTF Piston 56 Jeff Hemming 36 TX200 Mk3
WFTF Piston 56 Brian
29 HW97
WFTF Piston 56 Geoff
8 TX200 Mk3

*First match