October 24, 2020 Jeff Hemming

Fudd & CAFTA AGM Write-up

The 2020 Fudd and CAFTA AGM are in the books!

First and foremost some thanks!  Starting with the Hamilton Angling and Hunting Association, thank you for letting us use the rifle range and the years of support to Field Target.  The ongoing support is very much appreciated, doubly so during Covid. 

Following this – a huge shout out to all of those that attended.  We had 25 active shooters.  Our best turn-out for a Fudd in quite a long while.  Thank you each and everyone one of you!  We had four new shooters including Mike D and his son Daniel who shot his Crosman break barrel and inspired everyone so much that Joel shared with Daniel one of his winning targets!

Thank you to Peter and Rae for contributing guns and targets for the mystery lanes.  Peter, your Benjamin was a great equalizer on the 62- and 73-yard targets!  And Ray, your spinner rack was the better of nearly everyone!

Shout out to the top shooters – Marc Shelleau for the longest shot – 93 yards on a full size hit zone.  Outstanding shooting Marc – enjoy your t-shirt!  And Joel Goodwin for the White Rabbit shot at 62.5 yards with the Benjamin Maximus AND being the only one to clear the spinner rack – 8 spinners starting at 1.5” and decreasing size to .25” set out at 35 yards.  Awesome shooting Joel, enjoy the new targets!

Finally to Brian Wernham and Chris Holmes for making chili AND Geoff MacGregor for the “Elmer Fudd” carrot cake.  All of it was most welcome after shooting on a wonderfully, cool and sunny day.

On to the event itself, we had an outstanding day for the Fudd!  Cool, sunny and surprisingly little wind.  Chris H and Bob W got to HAHA about 8 AM with Brian W and Jeff H shortly after.  We had a pre-match organizing conversation and got underway setting up the six Hunter lanes and two mystery lanes.  Rob G followed shortly around 8:45 AM with other streaming in after him.  Everyone pitched in with setup and the sight-in line was opened just after 9:30 AM.

By 10:30 AM we had the shooters meeting and the fun began just before 11:00 AM.  With due respect to the Covid regs we shot the course and wrapped up by about 1:30 PM.  Check FTCentral and the CAFTA site for the great pics taken by George H.  Thanks George!

Not to be overlooked, Heather and Joel delivered 22 first edition FUDD t-shirts.  Check out the pics and see if you notice them… Heather and Joel also ran a 50/50 draw in support of CAFTA.  The pot was $290 with the winning ticket going to none other than Chris H.  All in all, a successful set of fundraising initiatives with nearly $500 raised for future activities.  Outstanding work Heather and Joel!

While digging into Brian’s and Chris’s awesome chili with Geoff’s carrot cake chaser, we held the 2020 CAFTA AGM.  The highlights include:

  1. Geoff MacGregor has joined the board of governors.  His position was acclaimed as no one else ran.  Welcome Geoff!  We look forward to your contribution.
  2. There is an open board position.
  3. We answered the questions around Port Colborne for 2021 – Zach H has stepped up again to be the match director and is going to work with Danny K on getting things ready for 2021 including major lane work and prep for the CFO re-cert.
  4. HAHA is actively working on expanding to a second course of fire which is located in the woods on the north east corner of the property.  John B (HAHA VP) connected with Brian and Chris during the match and updated us on where things stand.  Very encouraging and exciting!  More to follow as we move into 2021!
  5. The 2021 Nationals will be held in Grenville, likely in mid to late September, so mark you calendars now!
  6. We are working up club schedules for the 2021 season including Grenville, HAHA and Port Colborne.  More information to follow once the match directors connect.

In closing, a big shout out to Chris H for his on-going efforts to make HAHA a great place to shoot FT and pushing us to try new things at the FUDD.  We’ll get a survey out in the coming weeks to gather your thoughts this year’s event as well as 2021.  Last, and not least, a big shout out to Brian W for all his efforts in supporting Chris and FT at HAHA.  You guys are a great team and the turn out reflects the hard work that you put into getting us all together.  THANK YOU!

Looking forward to the next match (early Nov) and then the 2021 season!

Be safe, shoot straight and share FT!