Match report: Sept 18th 2021

September 18, 2021 Jeff Hemming

by Bob Wall On behalf of Zach Hard, Match Director  

Port Colborne Sept 18th 2021 

The day started off with a light rain. Which made the woods dark, damp and buggy while we set up the last 5 lanes of targets. But by the time we were set up and ready to shoot at the sight in range it was bright and sunny! 

Wind was light with slight gusts. Just enough to make it challenging at the longer ranges. With the sun shining through the leafy canopy, the mix of sun and shade made parallaxing difficult on some shots. Dark areas made it a job for those without illuminated reticles. Thankfully the heat of the day kept the bugs down. 

The course was laid out in 15 lanes of two targets per lane. This kept competitors spread out and moving quickly through the course. There were also two positional lanes.  

Open division shooters had the choice of how to shoot these lanes. This was tried with success first at HAHA and then at Grenville. Now Port decided to follow suit as all were in agreement that this was the way to go. This was a medium to hard level course IMO – small reducers and other targets out to max ranges. Generally, targets were at med and far distances with the few that were close had small reducers. Well, thought out, fun, interesting and challenging to shoot. Nice job! 

Most targets were handmade and well painted with clever actions. All of which added interest to this course. There were Vultures, mosquitos, beaver and a small target with two hit zones – one vertical the other horizontal. Both were very small and difficult to hit. Earns an A+ in my book for fun to shoot.  

There was a good turnout of shooters for this match. With a mix of veterans and new shooters.  9 PCP shooters and 6 piston shooters. Open division had the most shooters with 5 competitors. Which dropped to four as Peter Elsby had double his Fx crown preventing him from finishing the match, as no one had a rod to clear the barrel.  Hunter Piston with 4 competitors. Then WFTF Piston and hunter PCP had 3 competitors a piece.  Some impressive scores were posted. Open shooter Len J shot a near perfect score with a 59 out of 60! Mike P and Ron G in hunter PCP had amazing scores Mike posting a 116 out of 120 and Rob breathing down his neck with a 113 out of 120. Mark S was ahead of the pack in hunter piston with a 99 out of 120. Also, Rob W shot 90 out of 120 with Tom K showing steady improvement as a new shooter posting an 88 0f 120. WFTF Piston was a father and son tie. Both Zack and George shooting a 49 out of 60.  For full scores see blow. 

Once again there was a prize table a nice touch. Competitors picked prizes in the order in which they shot – 1st place and on down the line. With enough stuff for all to get a pick. Also see photos.  

Like to conclude with a Big thanks to Port Colborne District & Conservation Club for granting use of the range. Also, to Zack Harde as Match director for his hard work in putting on this match. Plus, George Harde, Danny K, Dennis, Lanny and the many others who helped to make this match happen, big thanks to you all. 

Open PCP 

First place Len Joe – 59  

Second place 

Dennis Eden —–50  

Third place 

Chris Holmes —–47 

Fourth place 

 Lanny Hann ——45 

DNF Peter Elsby 

Hunter PCP 

First place  

Mike Pitkanen –116 

Second place  

Rob Gastle——–113 

Third place 

Larry Young——-85 

WFTF Piston 

Frist place  

Zack and George Harde – 49 

Second place  

Bob Wall ——— 39 

Hunter Piston  

First place  

Marc Shelleau ———– 99 

Second place  

Rob W ———–90 

Third place  

Tom Ke ———-88 

Fourth place 

Danny Karutschek -65