Grenville October 17, 2021 Match Results

October 19, 2021 Tim MacSweyn

With some reservations, we decided to go ahead with the match on the 17th rather than wait until the last possible weekend.  The weather cooperated beautifully and the rain came down just after I left for home.  So from setup to cleanup, the weather was great; it was cool enough for jackets as opposed to sweating all day in the jackets.  I really enjoy Fall matches.

We had 10 shooters come to enjoy the day and it really did turn out to be a fun time.  We shot all sixty targets, one shot each and were still done by about 1:00 PM.  A few of us brought guns that were a departure from our normal as can be seen on the score sheet, with Ryan having the biggest departure with an HW50 using open sights.  He managed a pretty good score with that rig and had loads of fun doing it.

This was Ziggy’s first match and she did amazingly well, scoring 20 or so more point than most first time shooters.  Blane broke the 100 mark and had a personal best to take top gun. 

The Richards had a good battle going and Richard O. was only two points up at the end.

In the WFTF Piston group, no one was shooting their competition rig, but we had good fun.

The WFTF PCP group was the tight race for the day.  Dennis managed to take the top honours that he and John seem to switch back and forth.  A new threat hit the scene, with Jacob shooting the class for the first time and managing to nip John by one point for second.  A prevue of things to come perhaps?

There was lots of help for the cleanup after the match and lots of conversation.  We called it a day when a very dark cloud was approaching fast.  Good thing because I got a pretty good car wash on the way home.

All in all a real enjoyable finish to the 2021 season.  We are hoping to get started in April and have a full season in 2022.  For those interested, the Fudd match will be hosted by Port Colborne on October 30 and if you can make it, that is always a fun day.  HAHA also has one more match on November 13th I believe.  Have a great finish to the 2021season and I look forward to a very busy and enjoyable 2022 season.

Tim MacSweyn

RankName ClassyellowWhiteTotalRifleScopePellet
 WFTF Piston/30/30/60   
1Tim MacSweyn242246TX200HCHawke 4-16JSB 8.44
2Dave Cunningham191231TX200Hawke 8-32AA 8.44
6Ryan Landry91423HW50OpenJSB 8.44
 WFTF PCP      
1Denis St. Jean242044AA S400FHawke 10-50JSB 8.44
2Jacob Charlebois222042AA MPR-FTFalcon T50JSB 8.44
3John Bradley202141AR20FTHawke 10-50JSB 8.44
 Hunter Division/60/60/120   
1Richard Oszpar323668Diana OutlawCZ 5-25JSBH
1Blane Larone5650106TX200HawkeJSB 8.44
2Ziggy Kullik*423880Diana 52HawkeJSB 8.44
3Richard Turgeon392966Cr. OptimusEagle 4-16JSB 8.44

            * = New Shooter