The Fudd

November 1, 2021 Jeff Hemming

Match Report, Oct.30, 2021 by Bob Wall on behalf of Zack Harde, Port Colborne Match Director.

First the thank yous have to go out to; Port Colborne and District Conservation Club! for the use of their fine Range. To Danny K, our Port Colborne member liaison. He also, opened up the place early that morning and provided the snazzy sight in targets. Thanks Danny!! Zack Harde did a great job as match director. Big thanks Zack! Chris for his big pots of hot tasty chili and the Fudd hats. Thanks Chris! The Fudd counts on all hands to pitch in and help and it was a success due to your help. The work was completed quickly as everyone helped out. Thanks to you all, this was a great event!

This week leading up to the Fudd the weather looked foreboding, with heavy rain and cold windy conditions forecast. This had many thinking hard as to if they would shoot this event. And others concerned about just how many would attend. After all there were huge pots of Chris’s delish belly warming Chile to be eaten. Zach had his second shoot as match director to run and this was the Fudd no less.

But the spirit of the Fudd prevailed. The weather was, while not ideal, a lot better than forecast. The rain held off, the wind was light and temperature was not an issue either. There was a fair bit of water and mud to deal with and some regretted their foot ware choices. Most had no complaints and considered it a stroke of luck that the weather conditions were as favorable as they were.

The day started off early for most of us. Danny K was first on site and wasted no time opening both buildings. Then he started setting up the sight in range. While heading out to set up a lane as promises, when Ryan, one of the newer shooters to our gang, showed up looking to help out. So pointed him in Danny’s direction. Another early riser Dennis E who pulled in as I was walking out over the soaked field to put my targets out, pig and Rabbit. Zack, George and Lanny also arrived to set lanes. The Fudd was beginning to take shape and it was barely day light.

Then I saw Craig a gentleman I met at Estonia house, who had come out to check and see what field target was all about. By this time Ryan and Tom K had made their way out to help also. Very short work was made of the set up as more of the regulars pitched in and before you knew it, it was finished. Zack was well pleased with everyone’s efforts and the speed in which the work was finished.

Back to the clubhouse as we were anxious to get ready to shoot the sight in range. Zack had to concern himself with the business of the day. Sign in sheets; score cards, COVID questionnaires, waivers and the shooters meeting and such. Chris had a crew helping and the chili was being set up. Rob G had arrived and was busy helping out. Rob W was here and had his Know Your Limit shooting stuff with him. Larry C was out to shoot for first time in a long while. Ted, whom I met and shot the July match with was here. Art had his CO2 gun and was ready to give her a go. Was good to see James L was here and Tony R again. Mike P and Geoff Mac were here too. Mark and Peter were pulling in to park. I saw Brian W under the canopy and Larry Y, who had his .177 Puncher Jumbo ready to go. Then Tony L showed up as I was back to the car for gun and case. Was a nice turn out for sure. 11 shooting PCP and 12 shooting Piston.

Over to the sight in range and a big thanks to Danny K for the great sight in target sheets that he provided. They all had large distance numbers printed right on the sheets. Looked so Pro! Thanks Danny.

Then we had the shooters meeting. Which was brief and to the point. Everyone paired up and trudged through the socked field to the woods to start. Heard someone comment that it was nice to have a single score card. Think it was Mark that said it. But it was and shooting straight through the 15 lanes was nice too.

Hot line was called and the sweet familiar reports of springer and PCPs rang out through the damp woods. Along with the satisfying sounds of targets dropping and the disappointing tings of face plate hits. The fun had begun! Targets were of the usually sort, but full size hit zones, well for the most part. They were all at far and medium distances. With the over cast skies you had to look hard to see some of the longer distance targets. Ones placed in narrow lanes looked intimidatingly far away. We did have standing and kneeling lanes as well. Two targets per lane with 15 lanes.

First Cold line called, I missed Jeff H, who could not escape from work. Also thought of rest of our comrades who did not make it out today. Boys you missed a good one and sorry you could not make it out.

Then Chris’s voice ripped through the back ground inquiring if I could hit anything with the piece of crap gun I was shooting. Laughing as he cruised by on his track chair. Peter’s prismatic scope was generating a lot of interest among the shooters, all wanting to check it out. Looked great mounted on top of his ,177 MK II FX Impact with the red laminate stock.

The shooting flowed well with just a few cold lines. After the shooting was done everyone stayed to pull the targets and wind up the strings. This took no time as all hands helped out. As we headed back to clubhouse the sight in range was taken down already.

Rob G was setting up to serve the food. And scores were submitted to Zack. Results were announced; First was Tony L with 112 in PCP and George H first in Piston with 110. But second place was tied in both PCP and Piston. Not only tied but get this by the same score of 109. Brian W and James L 109 each in piston. Larry C and Mike P with 109 each in PCP. As was agreed by all, coin tosses, not shootouts, were used to determine second in both divisions. James winning the toss in Piston and Larry winning the toss in PCP. all the winners got Fudd hats and a pick at prize table. The 50/50 draw was held.

Then the eating began, two kinds of chili to choose from. Cookies, Mimi chocolate bars chips, water pop and G Mac’s Fudd carrot cake. Everyone was eating and talking ’til they had their fill. Enjoying one of the best parts of the Fudd – friends, food and camaraderie. This year’s Fudd was a yummy, yummy success!

Full scores below


First – Tony L 112

Second – Larry C 109

Third – Mike K 109

Fourth – Lanny H 106

Fifth – Rob G 105

Sixth – Bob W 100

Seventh – Chris H 98

Eighth – Larry Y 85

Ninth – Peter E 82

Tenth – Geoff Mac 72

Eleventh – Art W 48


First – George H 110

Second – James L 109

Third – Brian W 109

Fourth – Mark K and Ted G 102

Fifth – Rob W 101

Sixth – Tom K 98

Seventh – Ryan Z 90

Eighth – Tony R and Zack h 89

Ninth – Dennis E 88