Grenville Match Report June 26th, 2022

June 27, 2022 Tim MacSweyn

Grenville Field Target Club

Results Chart

RankName ClassTotalRifleScopePellet 
 WFTF Piston/60    
1Ryan Landry42HW97Falcon T50H&N FTT 
2Dave Cunningham28TX200Hawke 8-32AA 8.44 
3Tim MacSweynDNCTX200HCPrem. Leup 14.5-35JSB 8.44 
 WFTF PCP     
1Jacob Charlebois44Steyr LG110Sightron 10-50JSB 8.44 
2Denis StJean35AA S400FHawke 10-50H&N FTT 
3John Bradley34AR20FTHawke 10-50JSB 8.44 
 Open PCP     
1Richard Oszpar41Kral JumboDiscoveryAA 10.34 
 Hunter Division/120    
1Blane Larone93AA S200Hawke 2-7AA 7.87 
1Richard Tatisciore ProSportHawke 3-12JSB 8.44 
Results Chart

Nine shooters made it out to sweat off a few pounds and donate blood to the mosquitoes.  We all survived and had a great day of shooting.

Jacob made a real nice improvement in his score to take first in the WFTF PCP class.  Dennis and John were only one shot apart, with Denis having bragging rights this month.

Richard O. shot Open PCP for the first time and shot an impressive 41/60.  Richard T. shot the division with him using his ProSport.  Unfortunately, Richard had some issues with his scope that dropped his score dramatically.

Blane, due to having recent surgery on both wrist, shot a PCP at about 8.5 ft/lb, using a 2-7 scope and still managed a 93.  Impressive!

Ryan, shooting a springer, again, took the top spot in the WFTF Piston class.  Dave is still recovering from a finger injury and still managed a decent score with his backup gun.

It is good to see the attendance slowly rising each month and I hope that trend continues.  Next match in on Sunday, July 24, 2022 and I am looking forward to another excellent shooting day.  We will mix the lanes for the July match and then shoot what we think to be the 10 hardest lanes in August to give some preparation for the CAFTA Nationals in September.

Tim MacSweyn