Grenville Field Target Club Oct. 2nd, 2022 Match Results

October 3, 2022 Jeff Hemming

by Tim MacSweyn

As has been the case for the last few years, the weather for the October match has been great.  It started out cool but warmed up as the day went on and the forest took most of the sting out of the wind.  On the higher and longer targets, wind was still a factor that had to be dealt with.  The October match, with one shot per target, has become a favourite of quite a few shooters and a perfect Fall day sure helps.

Many thanks to the Grenville Fish & Game club for allowing us to use this excellent venue and providing us with support for every match and workday.  Special thanks go to Lynn, who has supported us from day one.  Thanks to Dave, Blane, Denis and John Bradley who have helped in maintaining and preparing the course on workdays.  Thanks to all the participants that make our matches challenging and a lot of fun.

We had 11 participate and unfortunately, Dave C. and John Bradley were both unable to attend due to illness.  They both would have really enjoyed the day. 

In WFTF PCP, Jacob had a stellar day, posting a 51/60 and was followed by Denis in second.  I was the lone participant in WFTF Piston.

The Open Piston guys had a good battle, with Jeff besting Geoff by a single point.

Richard O., like myself, was the lone participant in his class, so the win was just being there for such a great day.

Hunter Piston was the largest group with five shooters.  Blane took the top spot with a 95/120, followed by a new shooter, Stan, that he brought with him today, who placed second.  For a first match, Stan posted a pretty impressive score.  Andrei and Richard T. followed in third and fourth.  Ryan asked that his score not be counted for awards.

All in all, I think we had 11 winners today, enjoying each other’s company and a very fine day of shooting.  That wraps up the 2022 season at Grenville, but there are matches coming up at Port Colborne and HAHA.  You can check the CAFTA website for dates.

Keep an eye out for the 2023 schedules that should be posted soon, making long range planning possible.

Keep well.

Tim MacSweyn

RankName ClassTotalRifleScopePellet
 Open & WFTF    
 WFTF Piston/60   
1Tim MacSweyn35TX200SRHawke 4-16AA 7.87
1Jacob Charlebois51Steyr LG110Sightron 10-50JSB 8.44
2Denis StJean34AA S400FHawke 10-50H&N FTT
 Open PCP    
1Richard Oszpar25Kral JumboDiscovery 6-24AA 10.34
 Open Piston    
1Jeff Hemming38TX200HCMarch HM 10-60JSB 8.44
2Geoff MacGregor37TX200Falcon T50Cr. 7.9
 Hunter Division/120   
1Blane Larone95TX200Hawke 4-16AA 8.44
2Stan Cheny*73Diana 52HawkeAA 8.44
3Andrei N.67TX200Hawke 4-16JSB 8.44
4Richard Turgeon55DaisyEagleJSB 8.44
5Ryan Landry91DNCHW80Discovery 6-24JSB 13.4
* New shooter