The Fudd 2022

October 17, 2022 Jeff Hemming

Port Colborne match report October 15, 2022

By Rob Wright, Match Director

The Fudd is a Fall tradition in Southern Ontario – the focus is on having a fun day out shooting airguns and the competitive side is dialed back a bit. This usually encourages people to bring out different guns and try things that they might not in a typical Field Target match.

We had 19 shooters attend with a great assortment of guns.  The shooting was fun, Chris’ famous chili afterwards was a welcome warm-up and it was a great way to wrap up a very enjoyable Field Target season at the Port Colborne club.

The plan this year was to have a fairly easy course and encourage people to try the “True-Blue Elmer” Division and use open sights vs. the high power scopes that are so common in a typical match.  Well, the course was definitely set up easier with hit zones all either 1” or 1.5” and the max distance was 44 yards. (For those interested, it was designed to a Troyer factor of 25.2 which is just 0.2 over the “Easy” category.)  Then the wind came into play! The wind was howling – usually it is tough to get people off the sight-in range to complete registration and have the shooters meeting.  For this shoot, most people went to the range took a shot or 2 at a 10 yard target, tried a farther one and realized that a gust may move the point of impact by 3 inches, and headed back to the covered patio.  We were hoping that the trees of the course would provide shelter and it was certainly better than the open ground of the practice range, but the wind was definitely strong and gusting. (If I adjust the Troyer for the wind, it skips right over the Moderate category and lands just into the Hard section.)

We took advantage of the great setting of the Port Colborne club and set 2 targets per lane across 15 lanes and using some variety with the target setups.  I tried a new paint colour on a few targets (fluorescent pink) and I was glad that they showed up pretty well.  Some of the yellow targets that are great in a green, lush setting were a bit challenging to pick out against the fall leaves – especially for those brave enough to be using open sights.

Speaking of the hardware that people brought to the party – this was great, we had 5 shooters using open sights.  One of those was Len J. using a BSA rifle manufactured in 1911 – yes a 111 year old rifle.  Another was Jeff H. who decided that open sights were not enough of a challenge so he used a IZH46 – an SSP pistol designed for 10M competition. Mike P also used a 10M gun (but a rifle this time) an Anschutz LG380.  I was shooting in the group next to Mike and several times noticed the considerable gap between the soft “pop” when he pulled the trigger and the sound of the pellet hitting the target downrange.  Geoff M used an HW80 and I used an HW50 – both a bit more conventional, but still with open sights. This group of 5 combined to knock down 47 targets in very challenging conditions.

Several other shooters brought out different guns than usual and this, combined with the fun environment of the Fudd helped everyone to enjoy the day even in less than ideal scoring conditions.  And speaking of the conditions – our favourite junior shooter Daniel D shot a new personal best in spite of the conditions – way to go Daniel !

After the shooting was over we had a lot of help tearing down the course and practice range and then headed in for the other famous part of the Fudd – the post-match chilli.

A big Thank You to Chris, Rob G, and Geoff who as always made this a great end to a fun day with two different heat levels of chili from Chris, buns and bowls from Rob, and a homemade carrot cake from Geoff.

Thank you as always to the Port Colborne & District Conservation Club for the use of this fine facility, and to those who helped to set up and tear down the course, and those who have worked all season long to make these matches happen.

On to the results:

For this match in honour of everyone’s favourite hunter Elmer Fudd, we all shot Hunter style scoring (2 points for a knock down, 1 point for a face plate hit, 0 for a miss). Everyone was shooting for a maximum score of 120.

Elmer Division (open sights only)

NameGun / scopePelletScore
Mike PAnschutz LG380 / OpenJSB 8.4476
Rob WHW50 / OpenJSB RS 7.3369
Len JBSA 1911 / OpenRWS SD64
Geoff MHW80 / OpenCRSM 10.550

Not sure what to call this one… with a pistol it is more Yosemite Sam than Elmer Fudd…

NameGun / scopePelletScore
Jeff HIZH46 / OpenJSB RS 7.3352

Hunter Division – Junior

NameGun / scopePelletScore
Daniel DStoeger S4000 / Hawke 3-9 x 40JSB 8.4463

Hunter Division – PCP

NameGun / scopePelletScore
Larry CAA MPR FT / Bushnell 6-24 (set at 16x)JSB 8.44113
Rob GDaystate Red Wolf / SidewinderJSB 10.3101
Bob WAA S200 / MTC VIP 3-18 x50JSB 8.4494
Larry YKral Jumbo / Discovery VTR 4-16H&N Barracuda 10.693

Hunter Division – Piston

NameGun / scopePelletScore
Mike DHW97 / Hawke 4-16 x40JSB 8.44103
Tony RAA TX200 / Bushnell 4-15 x 40Stoeger 8.44100
James LAA TX200 / Redwin 3-18 x 50JSB 8.44100
Dennis ETheobenCP77
Danny KBenjamin / Centerpoint14.363

Close-to-Hunter Division – PCP

NameGun / scopePelletScore
Tony MDaystate Revere / Hawke SidewinderAA 10.3111
Magdy HFX Impact / Hawke ImmersiveJSB 22110
Lanny HDaystate Revere / Hawke SidewinderAA 10.3106
Chris HKral Jumbo 22 / West Hunter 6-24 x 50FX 16gr104

To all of you that attended this match and others over the season – thank you for helping to grow this great sport! I look forward to seeing you October 29 in Hamilton and back at Port Colborne in the spring.