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November 17, 2022

Match Report: HAHA November 12th, 2022

The sun was shining, the winds were light, and the temperature was a balmy +7C – a great formula for the last event of the 2022 HAHA Field Target season.  It was great to see everyone out, including some new faces.  The event was intended to be more of a social than competitive shoot – many of the competitors brought out new rigs which made it fun.  The competitive spirit was alive and well despite all the new gear on display – PCP open had 6 shooters and only 3 points separating 1st through 3rd, Magdy an Len tied for second.  Hunter piston ended up tied after 60 shots – congrats Rob and Mike!  As the scores were tallied and the course was taken down, the clouds and cold came in quickly.   Those who tied elected to keep their standings and forego a shoot-off. 

Congratulations to our division winners:

Mike P 114/120

Rob W/Mike D – Piston Hunter tied with 93/120

Richard S – PCP Open 58/60

Brian W – WFTF Piston 44/60

Daniel D – top junior at 61/120 – great shooting Daniel!

With the year now behind us, I want to say Thank-you to all the volunteers who showed up early for these matches to ready the range for everyone to enjoy.  And also for those who stayed behind to help with tear down.  And especially to those who helped me out run matches when I could not attend!   There is a great deal of work required to make these matches run and I am very appreciative for all the help I received.

Upcoming Events:

  • We are still negotiating for Range Burlington Pistol FT matches – more details to follow
  • For those looking to join HAHA, please reach out to Jeff H or myself and we can guide you through the process.  Let us know no later than the end of the month!!!
  • The 2023 HAHA dates will be finalized shortly – they will be posted on the CAFTA site.

Stay safe this winter – keep shooting, and I hope to see everyone back next year


Match Director   

Match Results

PCP Open / 60ScoreGunSightPellet
Richard S58Daystate RedwolfHawkeJSB 10.34
Magdy55Daystate GPMarchJSB 10.3
Len J55HW100KTElement HelixJSB 10.34
Geoff M50AA 510Hawke AirmaxAA 8.4
Chris H49Kral Super JumboDiscovery 6-24×50Hades 15.89
John B43KralHawkeJSB 8.44
PCP Hunter / 120ScoreGunSightPellet
Mike P114Brocock Sniper XRImmersive 14×50JSB 13.43
Rob G102RedwolfHawke 6-24 AA 10.3
Larry Y98Benjamin MauraderStoeger 4-16Cross 14.3
Bob W96AA S-200MTC 3-18JSB 8.44
Rob C *78AA S-200MTC 3-18JSB 8.44
Edgar I77Air Venturi AvengerDiscovery 3-15H&N 14.66
Ron P65Artemis Discovery0.22
Piston WFTF / 60ScoreGunSightPellet
Bob WAA TX 200Hawke 10-50JSB 8.4
Brian W44AA TX200Falcon T-50AA 7.9g
Ted G37AA TX200Bushnell Elite 8-32JSB 8.44
Jeff H26AA TX200March 10-60×56JSB 8.44
Piston Hunter / 120ScoreGunSightPellet
Rob W93AA TX 200Vector TourexJSB 8.44
Mike D93HW97Hawke 4-12JSB 8.44
Junior /120ScoreGunSightPellet
Daniel D61S4000-LHawke 3-9RWS 8.3
November 12th, 2022
October 17, 2022

The Fudd 2022

Port Colborne match report October 15, 2022

By Rob Wright, Match Director

The Fudd is a Fall tradition in Southern Ontario – the focus is on having a fun day out shooting airguns and the competitive side is dialed back a bit. This usually encourages people to bring out different guns and try things that they might not in a typical Field Target match.

We had 19 shooters attend with a great assortment of guns.  The shooting was fun, Chris’ famous chili afterwards was a welcome warm-up and it was a great way to wrap up a very enjoyable Field Target season at the Port Colborne club.

The plan this year was to have a fairly easy course and encourage people to try the “True-Blue Elmer” Division and use open sights vs. the high power scopes that are so common in a typical match.  Well, the course was definitely set up easier with hit zones all either 1” or 1.5” and the max distance was 44 yards. (For those interested, it was designed to a Troyer factor of 25.2 which is just 0.2 over the “Easy” category.)  Then the wind came into play! The wind was howling – usually it is tough to get people off the sight-in range to complete registration and have the shooters meeting.  For this shoot, most people went to the range took a shot or 2 at a 10 yard target, tried a farther one and realized that a gust may move the point of impact by 3 inches, and headed back to the covered patio.  We were hoping that the trees of the course would provide shelter and it was certainly better than the open ground of the practice range, but the wind was definitely strong and gusting. (If I adjust the Troyer for the wind, it skips right over the Moderate category and lands just into the Hard section.)

We took advantage of the great setting of the Port Colborne club and set 2 targets per lane across 15 lanes and using some variety with the target setups.  I tried a new paint colour on a few targets (fluorescent pink) and I was glad that they showed up pretty well.  Some of the yellow targets that are great in a green, lush setting were a bit challenging to pick out against the fall leaves – especially for those brave enough to be using open sights.

Speaking of the hardware that people brought to the party – this was great, we had 5 shooters using open sights.  One of those was Len J. using a BSA rifle manufactured in 1911 – yes a 111 year old rifle.  Another was Jeff H. who decided that open sights were not enough of a challenge so he used a IZH46 – an SSP pistol designed for 10M competition. Mike P also used a 10M gun (but a rifle this time) an Anschutz LG380.  I was shooting in the group next to Mike and several times noticed the considerable gap between the soft “pop” when he pulled the trigger and the sound of the pellet hitting the target downrange.  Geoff M used an HW80 and I used an HW50 – both a bit more conventional, but still with open sights. This group of 5 combined to knock down 47 targets in very challenging conditions.

Several other shooters brought out different guns than usual and this, combined with the fun environment of the Fudd helped everyone to enjoy the day even in less than ideal scoring conditions.  And speaking of the conditions – our favourite junior shooter Daniel D shot a new personal best in spite of the conditions – way to go Daniel !

After the shooting was over we had a lot of help tearing down the course and practice range and then headed in for the other famous part of the Fudd – the post-match chilli.

A big Thank You to Chris, Rob G, and Geoff who as always made this a great end to a fun day with two different heat levels of chili from Chris, buns and bowls from Rob, and a homemade carrot cake from Geoff.

Thank you as always to the Port Colborne & District Conservation Club for the use of this fine facility, and to those who helped to set up and tear down the course, and those who have worked all season long to make these matches happen.

On to the results:

For this match in honour of everyone’s favourite hunter Elmer Fudd, we all shot Hunter style scoring (2 points for a knock down, 1 point for a face plate hit, 0 for a miss). Everyone was shooting for a maximum score of 120.

Elmer Division (open sights only)

NameGun / scopePelletScore
Mike PAnschutz LG380 / OpenJSB 8.4476
Rob WHW50 / OpenJSB RS 7.3369
Len JBSA 1911 / OpenRWS SD64
Geoff MHW80 / OpenCRSM 10.550

Not sure what to call this one… with a pistol it is more Yosemite Sam than Elmer Fudd…

NameGun / scopePelletScore
Jeff HIZH46 / OpenJSB RS 7.3352

Hunter Division – Junior

NameGun / scopePelletScore
Daniel DStoeger S4000 / Hawke 3-9 x 40JSB 8.4463

Hunter Division – PCP

NameGun / scopePelletScore
Larry CAA MPR FT / Bushnell 6-24 (set at 16x)JSB 8.44113
Rob GDaystate Red Wolf / SidewinderJSB 10.3101
Bob WAA S200 / MTC VIP 3-18 x50JSB 8.4494
Larry YKral Jumbo / Discovery VTR 4-16H&N Barracuda 10.693

Hunter Division – Piston

NameGun / scopePelletScore
Mike DHW97 / Hawke 4-16 x40JSB 8.44103
Tony RAA TX200 / Bushnell 4-15 x 40Stoeger 8.44100
James LAA TX200 / Redwin 3-18 x 50JSB 8.44100
Dennis ETheobenCP77
Danny KBenjamin / Centerpoint14.363

Close-to-Hunter Division – PCP

NameGun / scopePelletScore
Tony MDaystate Revere / Hawke SidewinderAA 10.3111
Magdy HFX Impact / Hawke ImmersiveJSB 22110
Lanny HDaystate Revere / Hawke SidewinderAA 10.3106
Chris HKral Jumbo 22 / West Hunter 6-24 x 50FX 16gr104

To all of you that attended this match and others over the season – thank you for helping to grow this great sport! I look forward to seeing you October 29 in Hamilton and back at Port Colborne in the spring.

October 3, 2022

Grenville Field Target Club Oct. 2nd, 2022 Match Results

by Tim MacSweyn

As has been the case for the last few years, the weather for the October match has been great.  It started out cool but warmed up as the day went on and the forest took most of the sting out of the wind.  On the higher and longer targets, wind was still a factor that had to be dealt with.  The October match, with one shot per target, has become a favourite of quite a few shooters and a perfect Fall day sure helps.

Many thanks to the Grenville Fish & Game club for allowing us to use this excellent venue and providing us with support for every match and workday.  Special thanks go to Lynn, who has supported us from day one.  Thanks to Dave, Blane, Denis and John Bradley who have helped in maintaining and preparing the course on workdays.  Thanks to all the participants that make our matches challenging and a lot of fun.

We had 11 participate and unfortunately, Dave C. and John Bradley were both unable to attend due to illness.  They both would have really enjoyed the day. 

In WFTF PCP, Jacob had a stellar day, posting a 51/60 and was followed by Denis in second.  I was the lone participant in WFTF Piston.

The Open Piston guys had a good battle, with Jeff besting Geoff by a single point.

Richard O., like myself, was the lone participant in his class, so the win was just being there for such a great day.

Hunter Piston was the largest group with five shooters.  Blane took the top spot with a 95/120, followed by a new shooter, Stan, that he brought with him today, who placed second.  For a first match, Stan posted a pretty impressive score.  Andrei and Richard T. followed in third and fourth.  Ryan asked that his score not be counted for awards.

All in all, I think we had 11 winners today, enjoying each other’s company and a very fine day of shooting.  That wraps up the 2022 season at Grenville, but there are matches coming up at Port Colborne and HAHA.  You can check the CAFTA website for dates.

Keep an eye out for the 2023 schedules that should be posted soon, making long range planning possible.

Keep well.

Tim MacSweyn

RankName ClassTotalRifleScopePellet
 Open & WFTF    
 WFTF Piston/60   
1Tim MacSweyn35TX200SRHawke 4-16AA 7.87
1Jacob Charlebois51Steyr LG110Sightron 10-50JSB 8.44
2Denis StJean34AA S400FHawke 10-50H&N FTT
 Open PCP    
1Richard Oszpar25Kral JumboDiscovery 6-24AA 10.34
 Open Piston    
1Jeff Hemming38TX200HCMarch HM 10-60JSB 8.44
2Geoff MacGregor37TX200Falcon T50Cr. 7.9
 Hunter Division/120   
1Blane Larone95TX200Hawke 4-16AA 8.44
2Stan Cheny*73Diana 52HawkeAA 8.44
3Andrei N.67TX200Hawke 4-16JSB 8.44
4Richard Turgeon55DaisyEagleJSB 8.44
5Ryan Landry91DNCHW80Discovery 6-24JSB 13.4
* New shooter
September 19, 2022

Match Report: 2022 FT Nationals @ Port Colborne

By Jeff Hemming, Match Director

Well, the 2022 Field Target Nationals are in the books!  So, let’s dive in and hear about what a two-day match is all about.

Thank you and Acknowledgements!

First, we’ll start with thank you to all those that helped make this possible.  With deep gratitude I’d like to thank:

Port Colborne & District Conservation Club! your club and range are an excellent venue for an FT shoot with the forest course offering a range of conditions and options.  Thank you!

The organizing committee – Bob W, Brian W, Geoff M, Joel G, Rob W and Tim M.  Without you the event would not have happened.  We met every week starting in late June to plan, coordinate and generally make sure things were ready. 

Bob W lead the donation effort, continuing the strong relationships that we have and adding two brand new supporters – awesome effort Bob!

Brian W lead the AGM and vote planning. Working with Bob W, he put together all that was needed to be ready for the AGM including the voting process. Great work on the unsung important stuff. Thank you, Brian!

Rob W brought you the amazing course.  His planning was incredible – taking pictures at matches during the season, researching other courses, building out a target inventory and bringing it all together in spreadsheet that calculated the Troyer factor.  Outstanding job Rob.  You took design to the next level and set a benchmark for the future!

Joel G designed the t-shirts and ran the marshal course.  As always, a stellar job.  Thank you, Joel!

Geoff M / Tim M – served as the conscience and soul of the team.  They pushed, challenged and generally kept everyone, and, especially me, on track. Thank you both for your guidance and wisdom!

Prize table contributors – with out these businesses and individuals, we would not be able to put on the event or have such an incredible prize table.  A hearty thank you for over $4,500 worth of FT gear:

Airgun Source – Travis has been a long-time supporter of the community and source for many of the rigs that we shoot.  This year was no exception!  We had over $2,000 worth of prises including 3 rifles, a sleeve of sought after JSB 8.44g 4.52 pellets and a $200 gift certificate!!! Thank you, Travis and the team at Airgun Source!
Airgun Archery, – Wes at Airgun Archery is another long-time field target supporter.  We had over $600 worth of prizes including two scopes for Hunter FT and pellets.  Thank you, Wes and the team at Airgun Archery!
Canada Shooting Supply, – Ramen has also been a great supporter of the Nationals and field target in general.  This year he provided over $600 worth of donations and prize including 3 side lever piston guns, PCP connectors and targets.  Thank you, Ramen and the team at Canada Shooting Supply!
Airgun Forum Store, – Another long-time supporter, Sniper Dan provided a range of pellets.  Thank you, Dan!

Cabela’s, Canada (Vaughan Location) – a new sponsor this year, Bob W secured their support in the form of several day packs, a shoot gun shooting vest and several other pieces of gear.  Thank you, Cabela’s we look, forward to continuing the new relationship!

Windswept Forge – another new sponsor this year, Jon Miller from Windswept Forge.  Jon provided two hand made knives, each valued at over $400 and one with a handle made from bog-oak certified to be over 4,000 years old.  Thank you, Jon, for the beautiful, functional works of art!!

Individual contributions from Tim MacSweyn, Rob Gastle, Bob Wall and Chris Holmes included knock down targets, a chronograph, torque wrenches, 60m measuring tape, paper targets and Know-Your-Limit swingers.

Event Volunteers

These are the people that showed up for the workdays before the match and helped with setup and tear down.  This is another group that was critical to everything working.  They literally cleared the lanes including cutting the widow maker trees and windfalls.  Special shout outs to:

  1. “Chainsaw” Lanny H who removed the widow makers on Lane 4 and cut through deadfalls over 1 meter in diameter.  Thank you, Lanny!
  2. “Wacker” Larry Y who ran the weed cutter, clearing 20 lanes each over 50 meters in length… that’s over 1 km of weed clearing!!! Thank you, Larry!
  3. “Legend” Dennis E who tirelessly and with no hesitation kept the course in great condition through out the year. Dennis, your efforts made the setup days go smoothly.  Thank you!
  4. “Target-man” Tim M, for bringing three lanes worth of targets.  Thank you, Tim!
  5. “GMac” Geoff M, for bringing three lanes worth of targets. Thank you, GMac!
  6. “Printer” Brian W for providing a printer during the event.  Truly one of the moments where I went, why did we never do this before. Event life is so much easier with a printer! Thank you, Brian!
  7. HAHA FT Club, the Hamilton Angling and Hunting FT club for providing 14 lanes worth of targets.  Thank you, HAHA!

All of you that came out to setup and take down targets – Bob W, Rob G, Rob W (designer), Geoff M, Gary C, Harold S, Joel G, Jacob C, Mike D, Daniel D, Tim Mac, Dennis E and anyone else that I may have missed.

Special Thank You

A special thank you goes out to Chris H who provided two fully, setup rigs for shooters.  One for a brand new FT shooter (Harold S) and an out-of-town shooter (Jacob C) who ran into transport issues.  Chris, your generosity of time and gear made a difference. More, it embodies the spirit of FT.  Thank you!

Now, on to the event!


Things actually started up on Thursday when we did the last prep day.  We met at noon and went through the all 20 lanes – clearing dangerous widow makers, clearing the lanes, moving the lane 19 shooting box back and recreating lane 20.  Lane 20 turned into quite a special lane as we moved it to the right and back about 3 metres.  This made it easier to access and increased the available distance to beyond 50 metres! 

We were wrapped by 4:00 PM and retired to Miner’s Fish and Chips shortly after for some well-earned eats!


Friday started up about 9:00 AM when the target setup group arrived.  We spent the next 5 and a half hours building out the fabulous course that Rob W had designed.  Generally everything went well with a few inevitable switches as the theoretical world met the real world. 

The work included setting targets out, staking them in, running lines, putting out the Red/White lane markers, painting targets and, something not seen for a long time, putting up tree stands for elevated shots. It was a big effort that paid off during the event… we had minimal cold lines and only had to pull one target during two days of shooting… amazing, simply amazing and a testament to the design as well as the quality of targets everyone provided.

We stopped at 2:30 PM for the Marshal Course that Joel put on.  We had a great turn out with 8 people participating and becoming Level 1 certified Marshals.  This is a big step forward for FT in Canada as we continue to increase the number of people with formal knowledge on marshalling a FT match. The main theme was (is) ‘Safe + Fair = Fun’. To all those that participated, thank you.  Joel, you ran an outstanding presentation that engaged everyone. 

We wrapped up about 4:30 PM and went out to finish setting up the last couple of lanes and run strings.

Saturday – Day 1 Shooting

Saturday came fast, with folks starting to arrive at 8:00 AM. The day was perfect – blue sky, no wind and cool temps.  That quickly changed as the sun rose and we had ideal shooting conditions.

The sight in line was open until 10:00 AM and was well attended.  Everyone was keen to get the pre-match jitters sorted and do last-minute checks of their rigs.  During practice session, everyone went through the chronograph station, and all successfully passed!

We kicked off the shooters meeting off at 10:00 AM and did a deep dive into what the match was going to look like and the expectations for everyone on the course.  We started with safety briefing and followed up with a range of topics including how to use times, kneeling position, etiquette, scoring and questions that came from the group.

The course was split into 2 sets of 10 lanes with three targets per lane and two shots per target – White course for the open modified shooters and Red for the Hunter and WFTF shooters.  The difference was the White course had no positional lanes.  Both were challenging courses that no one cleared.  Well done Rob W, you kept everyone honest.

We were off the course by 2:45 PM. Score cards were collected and readied for tabulation that evening.

We had the CAFTA annual general meeting at 3:00 PM.  It was a quick event, taking about 20 minutes.  We reviewed three questions around rules:

  1. Slugs which are not allowed in Field Target due to their ballistic characteristics exceeding the design of FT ranges.
  2. Modified Open class to continue being at the match director’s discretion.  This is done for flexibility and with the stipulation that match announcement state it is being used. 
  3. Standardizing target kill-zone sizes.  We talked about moving to 10mm, 15mm, 25mm and 40 mm targets. It will be reviewed again next year to confirm.

We concluded the meeting by reviewing the open Board positions.  No one came forward so the two open spots remained with the incumbents – Jeff H and Brian W. 

Of note, there will be two open Board position in 2023.  If you are interested in one, please contact the CAFTA Board for more information.

Everyone adjourned to the Reeb House by 4:00 PM to enjoy a well earned eat and swapping stories from the day!

Scores were tallied and posted (awesome having a printer) by 7:00 PM.  The posting included the squads and starting lanes for Sunday.

We wrapped the day by changing over the lanes for the next day and painting the targets.


Sunday dawned much the same as Saturday except for some crazy winds on the sight in range.  They were gusting over 40 kph.  Made things super interesting and tested a few shooters belief in their setup!  In other words, a great start!

Once again, everyone did a chronograph check on their rigs.  And, once again, everyone passed without issue.  Thought, we did have one rig that was exactly on the mark – 20.0 ft/lbs!  That was a first!!

The shooters meeting started at 9:00 AM and finished by 9:30 AM.  It was a bit shorter for the second day and carried the same emphasis on safety and fairness.  As Joel taught in the Marshal course, ‘Safe + Fair = Fun’. 

The main difference for the shooters was they switched courses.  Open Modified class shot the Red course and the Hunter/WFTF groups shot the White course.

The match got underway by 10:00 AM and ran smoothly for the duration. There was one cold line about an hour in that required a target beginning replaced.  Otherwise, everything worked as expected.

The courses were once again challenging with no one clearing them.  We did see some movement in the positions too with the biggest one being from Tom P who improved by 11 shots to nip ahead of James L by 1!  There was some fine shooting all the way around.

Everyone was off the course by 1:30 PM and tucked into the platters of Subway sandwiches.

While folks were eating the scores were tallied and posted.  There were not ties!  So, we jumped into the awards and prize table.  See the results sheet below for how everyone did!

For those that haven’t been to the Nationals, we do things a bit differently for prizes.  Instead of the top shooters getting their pick, we pull names from a hat.  That’s right, the prizes are random!  It’s great fun and everyone is always keen to see their name pulled first.  This year was a bonanza with over $4,500 worth of gear up for grabs!

We went over three rounds deep in drawing names!  That means everyone got at least three trips to the table.  A special shout out to our only junior shooter, Daniel D.  He scored both a rifle (thank you Canada Shooting Supply), a scope (thank you Airgun Archery) and a $200 gift certificate to Airgun Source (thank you AGS).

Once the prizes were sorted many of us rushed out and pulled the course down.  The timing was perfect as we literally got back to the club house and the sky opened and poured rain for about 20 minutes.

It was a fitting end to an awesome 2 days of shooting!

One last thank you to everyone involved.  Look forward to seeing you all again next year and at one of the remaining matches this year.

Remember, Safe + Fair = Fun

2022 Nationals Match Director
CAFTA Governor & President

Match Results

First NameLast NameDivisionClassDay 1 ScoreDay 2 ScoreTotal
Open PCP
Open Springer
Jian (James)LiuWFTFPCP454388
WFTF Springer
Hunter PCP
Hunter Spring
Daniel *DzuganHunterSpringer374481
* Junior

Equipment List

DivisionClassNameRifle MakeRifle ModelScope MakeScope ModelPellet MakePellet Weight
HunterPCPHarold SArtemisM16AVector Optics4-16×44 FFPIRJSB10.4
HunterPCPRob GDaystateRed WolfHawkeSidewinder 6-24AA10.3
HunterPCPLarry YKralJumboDiscoveryVT-R 4-16×44 SF sidewinderH&N sport Baracuda Match10.65
HunterPCPMike PBrocockSniper XRDiscovery6-24 x50JSB13.43
HunterSpringerRob WAir ArmsTx200 Mk3Tourex6-24JSB8.44
HunterSpringerJacob CWaltherLerrusElement Helix6-24JSB Heavy10.34
HunterSpringerDaniel DStoegerS4000LHawkeVantage 3×9-40JSB8.44
HunterSpringerTony RAir ArmsTX200BushnellLegend 4-14x40mmStoeger8.6 g
HunterSpringerMike DWeihrauchHW97KHawkeAirMax 4X12-40JSB8.44
HunterSpringerGary CAir ArmsTx200 HCHawkeAirmax 30 SF 4-16×50JSB8.44
HunterSpringerTony LHW97KTJSB8.44
OpenPCPMagdy HDaystateGPMarch10-60X60JSB heavy10.8
OpenPCPRichard SDaystateRed WolfHawk4.5 x 14 x 42JSB10.34
OpenPCPDenis ELDJSB10.8
OpenPCPTony MAir ArmsFTP900FalconT50FTJSB Diabolo8.44
OpenPCPLanny HDaystateRevereHawkeSidewinderAir Arms10.3
OpenPCPChris HKralSuper JumboDiscovery6-24×50FX16 gr
OpenPCPPeter EFXIMACTHawkeAirMax 6-24X50Crosman10.4
OpenSpringerGeoff MAir ArmsTX200Falcon T5010-50 x60Crossman7.9
WFTFPCPTom PSteyrAZ LG100LeupoldCompetition 45xJSB7.33
WFTFPCPJames Lsteyrlg110 ftsightronsiii-10-50x60ftjsb7.88
WFTFPCPTim MSteyrLG100LeupoldCompetition 40XJSB7.97
WFTFSpringerJoel GAir ArmsTX200 MKIIISightron10-50×60Air Arms Diabolo8.4
WFTFSpringerJon MAir ArmsTX200Falcon x5010-50×60JSB exact8.44
WFTFSpringerBob WAirArmsTX200SightronSIIISS 10-50×60JSB8.44
September 10, 2022

HAHA FT Match Report for September 10th, 2022

This past Saturday, HAHA FT club hosted a field target match.  14 shooters and a Junior attended and the weather was spectacular with sunny 30c temperatures and light breeze.   The course was moderately challenging giving everyone chance to fine tune their rigs ahead of next weekend’s Nationals in Port Colborne.

PCP Open was the most popular division, with 5 shooters, closely followed by Hunter at 4.  Some great scores including a tie in PCP hunter for top spot.

Congratulations to our division winners:

Mike P / Rob G – PCP Hunter 101/120 (tied for top spot)

Rob W – Piston Hunter 96/120

Richard S – PCP Open 56/60

Brian W – WFTF Piston 46/60

Len J – Open Piston 38/60

Ian T was the lone Junior

A sincere Thank-you to the volunteers who showed up early to get the range ready for the day and also for everyone who stayed around to help take down the course after the event.  We were all so focused on the match that no photo’s were taken 😊 – it happened, really!

Upcoming Events:

  • Nationals is scheduled this weekend (September 16-19th).  If you haven’t registered, reach out ASAP.
  • The Annual Elmer FUDD event will take place on October 15th at Port Colborne – stay tuned for details – this is always a super fun event.
  • The next match at HAHA is October 29th.  More details will be provided closer to that date.


Match Director

Full Match Results

PCP Open / 60ScoreGunSightPellet
Richard S56Daystate RedwolfHawkeJSB 10.34
Tony M52AA FTP 900Falcon T-50JSB 8.44
Lanny H43Theoben Rapid 17BSA 10-50Cross 10.4
Chris H35Kral Super JumboDiscovery 6-24×50FX 16g
Peter E32FX ImpactHawke 6-24 AirmaxCross 10.4
Piston Open / 60ScoreGunSightPellet
Len J38FWB 300SBushnell 5-15JSB Exp
Geoff MDNFAA TX 200Falcon T-50Cross 7.9g
PCP Hunter / 120ScoreGunSightPellet
Mike P101Brocock Sniper XRDiscovery 6-24×50JSB 13.43
Rob G101RedwolfHawke 6-12AA 10.3
Harold S 84Artemis M16Vector 4-16×44JSB   
Larry Y76Kral JumboDiscovery H&N 10.6g
Piston WFTF / 60ScoreGunSightPellet
Brian W46HW97Sightron 10-50AA 7.9g
Piston Hunter / 120ScoreGunSightPellet
Rob W96AA TX 200Vector TourexJSB 8.44
Marc S88AA TX 200Hawke 6-24×44Cross 7.9g
Junior /120ScoreGunSightPellet
Ian TDNFKral Super JumboDiscovery 6-24×50FX 16g
Harold S *