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September 7, 2021

Grenville Match Report

August 15th, 2021

After a lengthy delay, here’s a quick write up on the match in Grenville.

We have a solid turn out of 12 shooters in both Hunter Piston, PCP and WFTF Piston. An interesting fact, 10 of the shooters were in a piston class! A first for the club to see so many piston shooters. My bias plainly on my sleeve – outstanding!

The match was a great success with “Cold Line” Hemming only have to call out once! Another first with so few issues (not there is often very many).

The day dawned clear and cool for mid-August. No one was complaining either! The mosquitos were few and far between too!

The biggest challenge were the shadows. It added a wonderful challenge to a course which saw a good number of reducers out to max range. A worthy course for a wonderful day.

We had everything wrapped up and away by about 2:00 PM.

A big thanks to the Grenville Fishing and Game Club for hosting and the volunteers – Tim Mac, Dave C, John B and Blane L – for their hard work to get everything ready for an outstanding day of shooting. Thank you!


DivisionClassMaxNameScoreGun Model
HunterPCP120Richard Oszpatz69DiannaStormrider
HunterPiston120Blane Larone95AirArmsTX200 Mk3
HunterPiston120Eric Clark-Dawes92HW97K
HunterPiston120Rich Tatasciope89AirArmsProSport
HunterPiston120Jeff Hemming83AirArmsTX200 Mk3 HC
HunterPiston120Jacob Charlebois76WaltherTerrus
HunterPCP120Richard Turgeon48CrosmanOptimus
WFTFPiston60Tim MacSweyn54AirArmsTX200 Mk3 HC
WFTFPiston60Ryan Landry42DiannaD56
WFTFPiston60Brian Wernham41HW97
WFTFPiston60Dave Cunningham34AirArmsTX200 MK3
WFTFPiston60John Birch27AirArmsTX200 Mk3

August 28, 2021

HAHA: 28 August 2021 Match

HAHA Field Target Match Report

August 28, 2021

Last Saturday proved to be great day for our second field target match of 2021. Warm temps, no rain and some shifty HAHA winds provided the perfect backdrop for our match. Ok, maybe I exaggerate with it being “warm”. It was 41C with humidity and some call this damn hot!!!

Twenty-one shooters started arriving early Saturday morning making set up smooth and quick. After a brief shooters meeting, the match started on time. Despite having 10 groups of 2 and a single, we managed to finish by 2:15 and had the course cleaned up quickly thereafter. The match director was a bit tardy tallying the scores and there was a HUGE desire to get into vehicle air conditioning so shoot offs were not held for the two first place ties that happened!

A special thank-you to the volunteers who showed up early to cut the grass (Jeff) and get the range ready for the day. These events can only run smoothly/on time with volunteers. Please remember to thank them and consider helping at an upcoming match.

Congratulations to our division winners and co-winners:

Len and Lanny – PCP Open co-winners

James – PCP WFTF

Rob and Tony – PCP Hunter co-winners

Brian – Piston WFTF

Marc – Piston Hunter

Some pics – HAHA. Good luck to those attending the Canadian Championships at the Grenville Club September 11,12. Hope to see everyone again at our September 25th match here at HAHA


Match Director

HAHA Field Target Club Match Results 
Saturday, August 28, 2021
PCP Open / 60ScoreGunSightPellet
Len J57FWB P70 FTSightron 10-50JSB Heavy
Lanny H57RAWSightron  JSB 8.4
Richard Stephens *54Daystate RedwolfJSB 8.4
Geoff M50AA S510Hawke AirmaxAA 8.4
Chris H49Kral JumboDiscovery 6-24JSB 15.89
Tony M46MarauderHawke SidewinderJSB 13.43
Dennis E42AnschutzLeupold 35XJSB 10.5g
Peter E 37FX CrownElement HelixJSB 14.35
PCP WFTF / 60ScoreGunSightPellet
James Liu53Steyr 110Sightron 10-50JSB 7.8
PCP Hunter / 120ScoreGunSightPellet
Rob G101Daystate RedwolfHawke  JSB 10.3
Tony L101Diana OutlawBSA 4-16JSB 8.44
Mike P   97FX StreamlineDiscovery 3-18JSB 
Piston WFTF / 60ScoreGunSightPellet
Brian W50HW97Sightron 10-50AA 7.9
Zach H46AA TX 200Big NikkoJSB   
Bob W38AA TX 200Sightron 10-50JSB 8.44
Piston Hunter / 120ScoreGunSightPellet
Marc S97AA TX 200Hawke 6-24Crossman 7.9g
Jeff H 96AA TX 200Sighron STACJSB Exact
Tom K    94HW 97Discovery 4-16JSB Exact
Dorian A74HW 77KHawkeH&N Baracuda
Rob W  73Crossman OptimusVector 3-12JSB 
Ryan R67Crossman   Bushnell 4-12Crossman 7.9g
* New Shooter
August 21, 2021

Port Colborne: First Match August 2021

Match Results

DivisionClassMaxNameScoreGun Model
HunterPCP120Rob Gastle101DaystateRed Wolf
HunterPCP120Mike Pitkanen89FXStreamline
HunterPCP120Larry Young78BenjaminMarauder
HunterPCP120Tom Ke70
HunterPiston120Jeff Hemming86AirArmsTX200 Mk3 HC
HunterPiston120Marc Shelleau81AirArmsTX200
HunterPiston120Rob Wright66HW50
OpenPCP60Lanny Hann49TheobenRapdi
OpenPCP120Chris Holmes45KralJumbo
OpenPCP60Dennis Eden37USFT
OpenPCP60Geoff MacGregor33AirArmsS510
OpenPCP120Peter Elsby26Crown
WFTFPiston60George Harde47AirArmsTX200
WFTFPiston60Zach Harde41AirArmsTX200 Mk3
WFTFPiston60Ted Gibson29AirArmsTX200
WFTFPiston60Bob Wall20AirArmsTX200 Mk3

Check out some pics in the gallery

July 25, 2021

HAHA: First Match for 2021

HAHA Field Target Match Report 

July 24, 2021 

The first match of our Covid delayed season is now in the books.  The weather was warm with rain showers (which were heavy at times) and some shifty winds.  I think we were all very glad to be sheltered from the rain by the overhead structure on the rifle range yesterday!   

In total, twenty-three shooters attended including four new shooters.  Welcome Rob, Ryan, Tom and Mike – hope to see you back for our August 28th match.  Thank-you to our veteran shooters who took these new hopefuls under their care and showed them the sport we love. 

Also, a special thank-you to the volunteers who showed up early to cut the grass and get the range ready for the day.  These events can only run smoothly/on time with volunteers.   Please remember to thank them and consider helping at an upcoming match. 

Congratulations to our division winners: 

Len – PCP Open 

James – PCP WFTF 

Lanny – PCP Hunter 

Zach – Piston WFTF 

Marc – Piston Hunter 

PCP Open / 60ScoreGunSightPellet
Len J56FWB P70 FTSightron 10-50JSB Heavy
Dennis E50SteyrS&B
Chris H44Kral JumboDiscovery 6-24JSB 15.89
Tony M39AA FTP 900Falcon FTJSB 8.4
Peter E 36FX CrownElement HelixJSB 14.35
James Liu53Steyr 110Sightron 10-50JSB 7.8
PCP Hunter / 120
Lanny H111Daystate Huntsman RevereHawke SidewinderAA 10.3
Rob G99Daystate RedwolfHawke  JSB 10.3
Mike P   *97FX StreamlineDiscovery 3-18JSB 15.89
Tom K  *85HW 100KTDiscovery 4-16JSB RS
Tony L85Diana OutlawBSA 4-16JSB 8.44
Piston WFTF / 60
Zach H47AA TX 200Nikko Sterling
Brian W43HW97Sightron 10-50AA 7.9
Bob W28AA TX 200Sightron 10-50JSB 8.44
John B25AA TX 200Sightron 10-50H&N 8.4
Piston Hunter / 120
Marc S93AA TX 200Hawke 6-24Crossman 7.9g
Jeff H 86AA TX 200Sighron STACJSB Exact 8.44
George H83HW35OpenAA 7.9
Ryan   *82Crossman OptimusDiscovery 4-16JSB RS 7.33
Dorian A82HW 77KHawkeH&N Baracuda
Tony R72AA TX 200Bushnell 4-14JSB
Rob 27   *60Crossman OptimusVector 3-12Crossman 7.9g
Danny K55Benjamin ClassicCentrepointJSB 14.35
July 11, 2021

Grenville July 2021 Match Report

July 11th, 2021

Match Report

It is a great pleasure to write this post!  We finally had our first match of 2021!

With the recent openings we were able to get together at the Grenville Fish & Game Club.  A big thank you to the club for moving forward and allowing us to hold matches!

Big shout out to JPB for the outstanding pics.  If you haven’t seen his post check it out.

14 shooters come from the local area and as far away as Toronto and Bradford.  Thank you all for the coming out and some rather early starts!  A special shout out to our first-time shooter, Richard Turgeon.  Look forward to seeing you, and everyone else at the August match!

It was a great day for shooting with everyone arriving by 9:00 AM and on the site in range shortly afterwards.  We started out with reasonable conditions and bright sunshine on the site in line. 

The shooters meeting started at 10:15 AM and we were on the course by 11:00 AM.

Being typical Grenville as soon as we went in the forest the wind vanished and the sun cast lots of shadows.  Then the humidity started followed by the mosquitoes… it got so humid even the mosquitoes went home… not us thought.  Everyone persevered and had a great shoot!

We were cleaned up and awards presented by 2:30 PM and everyone on the road by 3:00 PM.

The biggest thank you to everyone that came out!  We were excited to host you all and look forward the next get together – August 15th.   Stay tuned to your email and the forums for more information.  Also, for those down Hamilton way, there will be a match at HAHA on July 24th.

Finally, if you have questions about field target, visit or check us out on Facebook, @CanadianAirgunFieldTargetAssociation.  And, if you’re in the Grenville area and looking for a home club, visit Grenville Fish & Game Club.

Shoot safely, shoot often and share field target!

Match Results

All Rifles are .177

Match Director: Tim MacSweyn

HunterPCP120Ron Whitehorne74TX200H&N FT Discovery
HunterPCP120Richard Oszpatz61StormJSB ExactDiscovery
HunterPiston120Blane Larone95TX200JSB ExactHawke
HunterPiston120Jeff Hemming91TX200 Mk3 HCJSB ExactSightron
HunterPiston120Rich Tatasciope90ProSportJSB ExactHawke
HunterPiston120Richard Turgeon67OptiumJSB ExactMarcool
WFTFPCP60John Birch40FTP 900JSB ExactFalcon
WFTFPCP60Denis St. Jean31S400 ExtraJSB ExactHawke
WFTFPCP60John Bradley30AR20FTJSB ExactHawke
WFTFPiston60Tim MacSweyn51TX200 HCJSB ExactSightron
WFTFPiston60Ryan Landry45TX200JSBSightron
WFTFPiston60Bob Wall40TX200 Mk3JSB ExactSightron
WFTFPiston60Dave Cunningham35TX200 Mk3AirArmsHawke
WFTFPiston60Jon Miller35TX200 Mk3JSB ExactFalcon